Cute kid alert!

I love this commercial. It cracks me up every time I see it. The little girl who says she wants to be the best doctor is so cute and funny. Her evil laugh at the end it just so funny!


Have you seen this commercial before?
Isn’t she so cute and smart and funny?
What did you think of her evil laugh?


16 thoughts on “Cute kid alert!

  1. Those AT&T commercials with the kids are very cute and funny. She is a cutie. But the one that cracks me up is the with the little white girl talking about tuning into a werewolf and having to shave because it’s too hot. I don’t know, that particular one just sends me into fits of giggles. I am very weird this way. But that’s just me. The little black girl is adorable.

  2. I’ve seen a few of these AT&T commercials…..but not this one.

    The kids in these commercials are always cute, that’s what works I guess.

  3. LOL! “AT&T is evil” :))) Yes they are little girl! Truly! I bet you were just like that little girl, precocious! 🙂

    I just switched back to T Mobile last week! Screw those AT&T! They wanted to charge me for data every time I stuck my SIM card in an old IPhone that my daughter passed on to me!

    It was easier. because of my arthritis to just ‘touch’ instead of ”push in’ little buttons. plus the graphics are clearer and a lot of other things too. I spoke to them and pleaded my ‘old lady’ case, but uh uh, no dice. You use an IPhone you have to pay for data whether you need it or not.

    I wasn’t even using all the darn minutes. I had almost 3,0000 roll overs! and they don’t have any cheaper plans, oh no not them! Well, guess what? Presto changeo, problemo resolvo, bwaaahahahahahahaha

    • I know how you feel, DF. I had a simple problem with AT&T and they turned it into a big issue. So I just cancelled my service. And do you know that those idiots had the nerve to send me a letter telling me that I should consider AT&T again because other phone companies didn’t offer the same kind of great customer service they did! What? I laughed so hard when I read that letter. Lol.

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