Likes and Dislikes


Spring fever
Rainy days
Facebook pages of beautiful and talented women
Slow paced foreign films
Shopping for sundresses
Heirloom tomatoes
Sade’s 80’s style
France intervening to protect Timbuktu and its people
Finally watching the last season of The L Word


Network news
Chief Keef
Radio DJ’s who talk too much
Putting out the trash
Monsanto Protection Act
Apple Pie
Barack Obama
Internet cookies
Clutch Magazine
Bill Maher
Spike Lee’s Opal Gilstrap

What do you think of my Likes/ Dislikes?
What are some of your Likes/ Dislikes?

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36 thoughts on “Likes and Dislikes

  1. YOUR “Likes” is PURELY Female/Woman ISH Though… But I CONCUR with The SADE Item (YUPPP…)

    YOUR “Dislikes” is Sooooo MF-ing ON-POINT Though!!!!! #LMAOOOOOOOO

  2. Val, you mistakenly placed Barack Obama as a dislike. Lol. Bill Maher can be a little too much at times as well as the network news. I heard about Keef, yet can’t really say who he or she is. I’m starting to dislike the NBA. Ish is fixed, I believe. You don’t care for Clutch Magazine?

    I love women in sundresses and sandals. I plan to write about it. I too like rainy days. Sade is a boss.

    • Nope, he’s on my ish list. Lol

      Bill Maher over-steps because he thinks dating Black women gives him license to say crazy racist stuff.

      Chief Keef is from the South Side of Chicago and promotes violence in his music.

      And, beside that above the rim basketball is kind of boring anyway. The only reason I ever watch is if there is a particular NBA player I like.

      Clutch has started to attract some very basic commentators. Plus, some of their (newish) writers are pretty bad.

      • I like Bill Maher, I think he’s hilarious. I never miss his show. He does tend to say things at times that irk me, but just about everyone else does too. I don’t find him entirely too tedious and I don’t think he’s racist. I ain’t mad at him about the sisters; and besides, he’s got decent taste in women……Superhead notwithstanding.

      • Nope, we can’t ignore that he dated Superhead. And, his other choices don’t seem to good either. Plus, supposedly he’s very abusive to these women.

  3. My bad. Some of my current likes are spending quality time with loved ones, nurturing true friendships, reading different authors. A few current dislikes are sleepless nights, Calvin Klein cargo pants, getting back to blogging and reading blogs.

    • Quality time with loved ones are really what life is all about.

      I’m making a real effort to read more this year but, Netflix isn’t helping that cause. Lol.

      What’s up with CK cargo pants?

      “bout time, Don. You had a nice long blogcation.

  4. Your likes and dislikes are very interesting. I’ve never been too keen on apple pie either 🙂 or apples for that matter!

    I like flowers, the sea, spring showers, good bread, croissants, honesty, blogs that make me think, CCTV News, the laughter of children, balloons, that perfect, hazy day that the Native Americans called “a good day to die”, the stories of elders, growing food, spirituality and so much more…

    I also dislike very much the majority of DJ’s we have here, that all they talk about is vulgarity and ridiculousness because they fear political repercussions if they talk politics and/or social injustice! Abhor them and never listen to them.

    I dislike bad parenting, (have had to bite my tongue on several occasions), drug addiction, unripe fruit, cold weather, earthquakes,

    Oh and throwing out the trash Vaaal! I hate it! And the darn garbage guys leave my can on the other side of the street so I have to go and pull it over!@ Ugh!

    Housework in general.

    • I like some kinds of apples and I love apple juice but, Apple pie, nope.

      I agree on spring showers, good bread (hard to find), And growing food. Do you have a garden?

      Yeah, DJs are boring. They should just read the weather, tell the time and play music. Especially morning djs.

      I saw a lady picking up her little girl by the arm today. I cringed.

      Lol. We have half-azzed garbage people here too.

      Housework. Sigh.

  5. I’m planning on making them some Fathers day cookies to see if I can bribe them into leaving the can on this side instead. Let’s see if I succeed. Also if they know that the resident will give them a Christmas tip, they’ll do that and more! But since we moved here after Christmas they don’t know us! So I’m keeping my fingers crossed 😉

      • Anything will work! It’s the thought that is appreciated! Lets face it, it’s a dirty job. Even a bottle of inexpensive but good wine for each one or what I used to do in places ive lived also is give them bottles of cold water or juice came adound every week to pick up, depending on the hour. But here they come at 4:30 am! Who the heck is up at that hour! 😉

        No, no garden here:( there’s been crazy too much rain which makes crazy pollen and I have to stay in as much as possible:( (good excuse for not working the earth right:)

  6. Sade doesn’t have a forehead, she’s got a five head.

    Apple pie?!? It’s un-American not to like apple pie Val. Look here Val, if my conscience tells me to forgo a delicious chicken sandwich (and I have been) for the American way, then you really need to give apple pie a second chance. I mean………’s apple pie for Christ’s sake!!!!

    How come you didn’t like Opal?!? Is it because she was cockeyed?!?

    • Hardi-har-har. That Sade joke is old as dirt!

      Nah, nope, no way, no chance.

      Because she was a lesbian stereotype. Lesbians don’t generally go around trying to get str8 women into bed. In fact most lesbians have a very strong aversion to sleeping with women that sleep with men.

      • Okay educate my ass why don’tcha………I didn’t know that about the lesbians.

        Serious though………Sade got a big ass forehead.

  7. Val, I didn’t like apple pie either. But one of my friends makes a pretty good one. She calls it dump cake. I enjoy listening to music all day and reading the internet blogs. enjoying an evening out with friends food and drink. Reading good books. Desserts. Watching Netflix and shopping for cute stuff. Homegoods is now my favorite place to make me happy.

  8. I am a huge Sade’ fan too. She is awesome in concert. Her music is so chill out. Eating red velvet ice cream.

    • I have two concert films of Sade. I love relaxing and watching them. She is very chill.

      Red Velvet ice cream? Interesting, I’ve never had it. I’ll have to give it a try.

  9. I hate today’s rappers. Clutch magazine is getting kind of whack. I don’t like Bill Maher either. I think he’s a jizzwad. I can’t stand Ann Coulter either. Beyoncé is so overrated.

    • I agree about Beyonce. And, I get sick of hearing about her.

      Ann Coulter is a clown.

      Yeah, in the last 6 months Clutch has really gotten bad.

      • “I agree about Beyonce. And, I get sick of hearing about her.”

        THIS is Where OUR Unique Bond Started Though (YUPPP…) #LMAOOOOOOO ;-D

  10. Likes (currently)
    ice-cream and icee’s (maybe, sometimes Ben and Jerry’s)
    waking up to the sun
    sleeping just because
    nail polish that dries fast
    getting to know someone new (at that point, everyone is intriguing)
    baking chicken wings

    job application
    reading assignments that are just busy work
    when I have to learn a lesson the hard way
    when I want to blog, but can’t organize thoughts

    I usually tell my bf to take out the trash, mostly because there’s a whole flight of stairs involved. What did Clutch Mag do to you?! I must admit, I stopped reading months ago, mostly it’s hard to hold my attention very long.

    • BF?

      Clutch seems to be trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator these days. Most of their posts just incite their readers rather than inform.

      Maybe I’ll try to bake some chicken wings. Do you have a recipe to share? 🙂

      Yeah, job applications are boring, repetitive and unnecessary.

      How’s the roommate hunting going?

      • Boyfriend.
        @Clutch- it must be about growing numbers. Quality over quantity is not valued enough.
        I haven’t officially begun the interviews since I’m back in summer school. There is another unit available across the hall, so I’ve been sending people that way first.
        I don’t have a recipe, I’ve just thoroughly enjoyed slapping simple seasonings and slapping bbq sauce on them, they make for a very healthy alternative to the fried stuff!
        Hope everything is well!

  11. You don’t like Apple Pie!?! I love that stuff! I could eat it every day…especially when it’s warm! Now, I have to talk my hubby into going to the store to get me one…lol

    • Nope. When I was a kid I didn’t even like those McDonald’s apple pies. But, I do love peach cobbler! Especially when it’s really doughy. Yum.

      Lol. Enjoy it. 🙂

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