El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz: May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965

000000000               0This is a message from Brother Malcolm given in 1964 that is more relevant today than it was then.


16 thoughts on “El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz: May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965

  1. Wow, relevant is right. Makes you wonder what Malcolm would have to say about Obama. My guess is that it wouldn’t be too pretty, smh. (s/n – Is it weird that every time I hear his voice, I also think about Denzel? It’s like the two are forever linked in my head :))

    I missed 48 hours last night. How was it?

    • Yeah, I don’t think Malcolm would have been a Obama supporter.

      48 Hours didn’t break any new ground. So, it was a bit disappointing.

  2. More than a few of his speeches are still relevant. He was a very interesting man and a man that constantly evolved throughout his life.

  3. Hard to process the fact that he would be 88 years old today. Wow. Just wow. He was & will forever remain ( as Ossie Davis referred to him at the funeral) “Our Shining Black Prince.”

    IMHO, he would prolly have some pretty harsh things to say about our President, but he’d still more than likely support him, on principle.


    • I’m not sure if Malcolm would even support him at this point, Lin. Especially after he ran around the country last year saying he wasn’t the President of Black America.

  4. I don’t don’t think Brother Malcolm would be down with Obama at all. And Idon’t think Dr. King would be too impressed with him either. Since he doesn’t address the issues in the black community.

  5. Malcolm-X has alwayz been a HUGE PART OF MY LIFE and HIS WORDS speak even Clearer and Louder than ever TO ME (Becuz I wasn’t even BORN WHEN HE WAS MURDERED Though…) SMDH

  6. Often our President doesn’t speak to black issues with any kind of passion, without lecturing to us or sounding patronizing, however w/in the context of the times Malcolm & Dr. King lived in, how could they NOT support a Black Man as President? It’s about tracking the progress of our people, & noting the benchmarks. Not saying they’d be kissing his ass… in fact, they’d prolly be giving him HELL, on the regular… but like most black men in positions of power (today), will admit, even grudgingly, Obama would still be seen as the lesser of two evils.


    • That’s all very true, Lin. But, as a Black American viewing the political landscape, I’m tired of the lesser of two evils. It seems that is always the only choice we have. So, when a Black man occupies the White House and the best thing most of us can say about him is that he’s the lesser of two evils, it’s hard to accept and very disappointing.

  7. LOL. I quite agree, Val. I would LOVE to see the man OWN his BLACKNESS & to show blatant LOVE for Black people worldwide… because that would be a beautiful thing to experience & behold. But, seriously? Short of painting the White House BLACK & both he & Michele sporting big-azz militant afros, just how BLACK can any POLITICIAN be & still be voted into office by the MAJORITY of this country as its President? *ponder*


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