Photo de Jour

0 0 0 0 0 0 0  00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000Reverend Run ought to be proud, don’t you think.


13 thoughts on “Photo de Jour

  1. She seems to LQQK Soooo AWKWARD in ANYTHING other than a BIKINI ON THE BEACH (And Talking Strictly in DA FACE…) I Think She’s EXTREMELY FIONE but Females who don’t really care for her SAY “She LQQKS LIKE She has Downs-Syndrome” every time they see her NOT ON THE BEACH IN A BIKINI Though O_O

    • She doesn’t look awkward to me, ELove. She looks beautiful, on the beach or walking on the street. And, those women must be envious of her because I really don’t know any reasons not to like her, she’s pretty low-key and seems down to earth.

  2. Heeyyyy Y’ALL FEMALES have Y’all Reasons for things us MEN will NEVER UNDERSTAND Though O_o

    AGAIN… I think SHE’S Extremely HOTT and I’ll SMASH!!!!! ;-D

    And I’ve SEEN TOO MANY PICS of her at Events standing beside Other Pretty Females and for WHATEVER REASON She LQQKS AWKWARD in Da Face (Her Facial Expression at THAT TIME…) This is from a MALE-PERSPECTIVE (No Shade WHATSOEVER Here Darling…)

    • “AGAIN… I think SHE’S Extremely HOTT and I’ll SMASH!!!!! ;-D”

      Yep. Lol.

      Ah, well, she’s young. So, maybe it’s just the awkwardness of youth you see.

      • I don’t KNOW Exactly becuz at Some Events She LQQKS Confidently Pretty/Beautiful But MOST OF The Events that are MORE Black-Tie Type and The Other Females with REFINEMENT Confidence/Qualities that be beside her in Pictures… She seem to LOSE THAT Natural-Aura about Herself and LQQKS Awkwardly Out-of-Place #FacialExpressionWise

        This is QUITE Weird To Me… Maybe Her Youth-ness is causing THAT Though

        Solange use to have THIS EFFECT but over the Past Year or So She LQQKS MUCH BETTER in Her Photos… She’s getting her Grown Woman Sexxy “AURA” On Now Though (YUPPP…)

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