Fallen Women…

I watched a documentary about former world class track and field sprinter Marion Jones. It covered her rise to the top and her eventual downfall after admitting to using performance enhancing drugs. After watching the documentary I realized how much I miss seeing Marion competing. And, I realized that I also have a soft spot of fallen women.

I remember a few years ago when former Detroit public official Christine Beatty was under a full blown attack in the media after being caught-up in a scandal, that I was pulling for her. And, even though she admitted to doing wrong, the wrong didn’t really matter to me. What I saw in her was an extremely bright woman who made a big mistake.

I wonder what it is about me that makes me pull for and support these women even after they have fallen from grace. I’m not sure what it is other than maybe that women who fall tend to have a much harder time making a comeback then men.

Or, maybe it’s as simple as I like believing in women who are very talented and smart, even if they screw up.

Whatever the reason, I still think of these two women occasionally and I hope they are doing okay. And, at some point I hope they fulfill their promise and rise to the top again.

Do you have a soft spot for fallen people?
Were you a Marion Jones fan before her fall?
Why do you think I have a soft spot for these women?


10 thoughts on “Fallen Women…

  1. Maybe because it’s so difficult for women to ‘make it’ and obtain success in any area outside of the home. We have to work so much harder to make it to the top as well as to maintain the position. When I see a successful woman get taken down, it also upsets me. It’s not easy.

  2. Maybe it’s because to see a woman in the spotlight fall is documented supporting ‘proof’ of the stereotypes given to us.
    Why is it, as women, that we feel the need to be absolutely perfect? We fight so hard for so much. But unfortunately, shit happens. I think it’s these pressures is what brings a woman to ‘fall’.
    Ultimately, we’re all human… man or woman.. and we are bound to make mistakes and wrong choices. Like you, this doesn’t take away from the fact that these are intelligent, strong and ambitious women.

    • I agree, there is a lot of pressure on women to be perfect. Perfect mothers and perfect at work. Hopefully as more of us make gains in the world that pressure will ease a bit.

  3. Love the June Jordan poem. Love her use of analogies. But I can’t seem to get in to leave a comment under it:) Comment section won’t open…

    Moderator note: I moved your comment to the June Jordan post

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