People, Places and Things

Here are some people, places and things on my mind at the moment.


01. Robin Thicke spends way too much time trying to be that cool White boy giving Black women advice on dating and not enough time doing what he does best, which is making some seriously cool and sometimes funky music.

His brand new song, “Blurred Lines” featuring T.I. and Pharrell is seriously funky and is the perfect spring/ summer jam. Check for it to top the charts in a few weeks.

02. President Barack Obama is making sure that corporate America gets its money’s worth with his new nominee for Federal Communications Commission Chairman. His nominee, Tom Wheeler, who as FCC Chairman will oversee America’s broadcast media was a lobbyist for guess who? The wireless and cable industry. That’s who. Which not so coincidentally will be the same companies that he will now oversee. Isn’t that nice and cozy! I bet AT&T and Comcast are having a party as we speak.


03. I know that some of you that read this blog on a regular basis probably think I’m a little weird or at least a little off-beat. So, this next little item will reenforce those thoughts.

I’ve been thinking for a long time now about starting a cult intentional community. According to Wikipedia, an intentional community is a planned residential community designed from the start to have a high degree of social cohesion and teamwork. The members of an intentional community typically hold a common social, political, religious, or spiritual vision and often follow an alternative lifestyle.

Detroit seems like the perfect place to do this. There are blocks and blocks of empty land for farming as well as thousands of empty buildings and homes that can be bought many times for literally a few hundred dollars.

I’d love to get a group of young progressive African Americans and others together to build a community form scratch with the intent of living in a safe, self-sufficient and welcoming environment.

Anyway, maybe this is just a dream or maybe one day I’ll say f it and hit the road for Detroit.


04. Boeing‘s plane of the future, the 787 or Dreamliner, was grounded this past winter after fires on at least two of the brand new jets started because of its high-tech batteries. This past week the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) cleared the Dreamliner for service after months of testing the batteries but without mandating a change of batteries. Instead allowing only modifications to the problem batteries.

Of course the grounding of Boeing’s brand spanking new plane cost the airplane maker and its commercial airline users millions of dollars. Which may have been the reason the FAA gave the plane an AOK to fly without mandating any major changes.

Once again the FAA has shown itself to be more of an advocate for the airline and airplane industry and less of an ally for the travelling public. Many of you know that I love airplanes but, this is one plane I will not fly on. I personally believe it’s a lemon.

Do you like Robin Thicke’s new song?
Are you surprised by the President’s FCC nominee?
Have you ever been to Detroit?
What do you think of my idea to start an intentional community?
Would you fly on Boeing’s 787?

16 thoughts on “People, Places and Things

  1. Do you like Robin Thicke’s new song? I like the song and I agree, he should spend more time making music. Brother’s got a nice sound. He can sing.
    Are you surprised by the President’s FCC nominee? Not at all, he’s been fairly consistent as a president. He’s the worst socialist on the planet probably.
    Have you ever been to Detroit? I have family in Detroit and I’ve been many times. My wife is a Detroiter. The city has declined a lot in the last 30 years. I’ve often joked to my wife that if the world needed an enema, they’d stick the tube in Detroit. The decline in Detroit is indicative of the decline of our country. Big business packs up and leaves and the gentrification follows and a great community can go from sugar to shit in a generation.
    What do you think of my idea to start an intentional community? So we’re all just gonna pick up and move there? Since it’s Detroit will there be security?
    Would you fly on Boeing’s 787? Yeah once they work out the kinks. Maybe by 2015?

    • Lol. Yeah, the real socialists won’t have anything to do with him.

      Yeah, Detroit is at rock bottom. And, like when a stock hits rock bottom, it’s a good time to buy.

      Okay, now I remember you saying your wife is from Detroit.

      Yeah, White flight and business moving to the burbs killed Detroit. That’s why I think Detroit is ripe for start-ups and cooperative business models and communities.

      Yep, we’ll have our own community based security. And, it will actually serve the people.

      You’re braver than me. I don’t think I’ll ever trust that plane.

  2. So what would be the requirements to join your intentional community? *takes out notepad*

    I really like the idea, btw. Just have to make sure you’re not some crazy cult leader 🙂

    • Lmao! Nope, I’m not a cult leader.

      I suppose the requirements would be loving peace and quiet, wanting to live in a true community where you actually know your neighbors. Believing in economic and food security. And not just being tolerant of differences in people but embracing those differences.

  3. Greetings, Valentina:

    Feeling the Thickness. Cat can blow. But should definitely stick to his day gig.

    re the intentional community: Sounds like a plan… as long as you’re not adverse to the Feds (FBI/CIA & dem) stepping up (covert) shop all & thru the community. You know, like they did w/ The Black Panthers.


  4. I love that song!! I just got put on to it like 2 weeks ago. I also like all the “subliminal” messages. Not to mention TI and Pharrell (yum!)
    I’ve never been to Detroit and don’t really have a reason to.
    I just saw #Flight so I will definitely not be flying any 787, especially if the pilot is not a drunk.
    I think your community idea is great, what’s stopping you?

    • Yep, that song is funky. It’s burning up my ipod.

      Lol. Flight was a crazy film. I think Denzel was really good, a little too good.

      Well, I suppose just learning the nuts and bolts of organizing such a thing. I’m researching though.

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