Poetry Wednesday: Suheir Hammad

I think Suheir is brilliant.
Did you like her works?


12 thoughts on “Poetry Wednesday: Suheir Hammad

  1. Truthfully, She is brilliant and while I can appreciate the first poem as being ( and please correct me if I’m wrong:) against male chauvinism, and i am super firmly agInst same. On the other hand I believe that it’s such a tired topic at this point.

    In the second one she rails, quite effectively and lyrically against what it seems to me is the american military? She is from Palestine I believe they introduced her as being from Palestine.

    Isn’t it a bit of a dichotomy to come to the backyard of the enemy to rail against them?

    It may be politically correct, I’m not saying its not, but if we didn’t have freedom of speech here, she certainly wouldn’t be spouting that kind of poetry here

    Will she not be more effective carrying on the struggle from her homeland?

    In other words put her money where her mouth is.

    • Actually, DF, she was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She is of Palestinian decent. And, just like African Americans and others spoke out against the U.S. supporting apartheid in South Africa, she is speaking out against the American government’s support of Israel’s apartheid in Palestine.

  2. Yup. She bad. I saw her on HBO a few years back. Some of her political/cultural material still resounds in my memory. Love her voice, her rhythm, her flava. Plus she’s loaded w/ gravitas.


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