10 Questions

Here are some things that I’ve been wondering about and a few questions.

10. Why do car commercials targeted to African Americans always involve music or some weird storyline but no information about the car?

09. What actor(s) will get you to see a film on their name alone?

My answer: Denzel, Paul Giamatti, and Judy Marte (above)

07. Am I the only one tired of seeing viral videos of unique ways guys propose marriage to their girlfriends?

06. Which is better; sleeping late in the morning or taking a nice afternoon nap?

My answer: An afternoon nap.

05. Will Beyoncé be a has-been in 5 years?

My answer: Yes.

04. How many of Joe and Katherine Jackson’s children can you name? 

Hint: That’s their oldest child above, Rebbie, and there are eight more.

03. What is your idea of the perfect breakfast?

My answer: A toasted salt bagel w/ cream cheese or butter and iced coffee.

02. Does eating GMO (Genetically Engineered Foods) foods worry you?

My answer: Yes, very much.

01. Do you think better at 2:00am or 2:00pm?

My answer: 2:00am


I can’t wait to see your answers and thoughts! 🙂


23 thoughts on “10 Questions

  1. 10: Car commercials – Hmm, guess I never noticed before. Guess they don’t think we’re smart enough to understand all that difficult car information – gas mileage and whatnot .(sarcasm)

    09: Actors – Johnny Depp, Denzel Washington

    08: There’s no number 8! That’s my question to you, Val. Why’s there no number 8? 😉

    07: Proposal videos – I am tired of them, but it’s (hopefully) a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so I say go for it you crazy kids!

    06: Sleep late or nap – definitely nap. It’s one of my favorite things to do on weekends.

    05: Beyonce in 5 years – I think has-been might be a little strong. Will she be as relevant? No. Especially if she continues with the same shtick she’s doing now. Musical tastes evolve and I think people will start to regard her more as an icon than someone whose music is relevant today.

    04: Jackson children – Ok, here goes. Rebbie, Janet, LaToya, Michael, Jermaine, Tito, Randy… I can’t think of the last two!!

    03: Perfect breakfast – Pancakes and orange juice.

    02: GMO foods – I don’t know much about it.

    01: 2:00pm or 2:00am –Definitely 2:00pm.

    • Yep, it is very condescending of them, isn’t it.

      I like Johnny but sometimes he goes of the deep end with his roles. Lol.

      Lmao. Missing a number has become sort of a trademark for me with these kinds of posts. I like to see if anyone will notice.

      I admire their spirit and originality, I just don’t want to see any more of them. Lol.

      Yes for naps!

      You’re right, she’s been doing the same old stuff (dance moves/ types of songs) since her DC days.

      Yay, Aly! You did really well. You only missed two, Marlon and Jackie.

      I haven’t had pancakes in years.

      Here’s a little info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetically_modified_food

      I’m usually feeling drowsy at 2pm. Lol.

      Thanks for your answers! 🙂

  2. 10. Cause of the stereotypes about us.

    9. Sorry, not a TV lover.

    7. No TV

    6. Afternoon nap.

    5. Probably.

    4. Dunno. No TV, remember?

    3. Buttermilk pancakes, scrambled eggs, fresh maple syrup and coffee.

    2. Yes. I grow my food.

    1. 2 pm. At 2am, I’m fast asleep.

    • True,

      Yes, another one for afternoon naps!

      I remember when I was a kid my grandmother used to have a syrup called Black-strap molasses. It tasted different from regular syrups but it was supposed to be really healthy for you.

      I think it’s great that you grow your own food. 🙂

      Lol. Most times at 2am I’m wide awake.

      Thanks for your responses! 🙂

  3. 10. My Thought: Most commercials featuring Af-Ams tend to be personality-driven. Maybe that’s what they look for in auditions. We are a spirited people, yes… but there’s so much more to us.

    9. Good question, Valentina! Hmmm… if you mean modern films: Deniro. Viola Davis. Streep. Also Jodie Foster rarely disappoints. Classics: Bogart. Bette Davis. Ingrid Bergman. Each had serious gravitas.

    Ummmm… where # 8 at, yo???? Having senior moments again, Val? lol.

    7. Agreed. They’ve lost their appeal along w/ their originality.

    6. Afternoon naps scare me, a little, Val. They feel good, but after awakening, I wonder if they are a sign that I’m get so damn OLD that I REQUIRE a nap!

    5. Beyonce. I see having a career like Madonna. Not the hottest artist-of-the-moment, but still commanding top dollar for concerts/appearances, etc. You can’t have as many hits as Beyonce’s had & be considered a has-been. The hotness cools off, yes, and some young blood will become the new Queen Bee, which is the circle of life. And that will probably be her reality.

    4. You funny. Not only can I name ALL the Jackson keeids, but I prolly still know all of the J5 brother’s MIDDLE names. Don’t test me, yo. Ok. Here’s a sample. Tito: Toriano Addaryll Jackson. Vurry scurry, right? I used to work in a record store & we played trivia pursuit on our breaks.

    3. Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, sausage, French toast, raspberry tea.

    2. It concerns me, yes. But as Joe Jackson (the Brit pop cat) sang: “Everything Gives You Cancer.”

    1. Hmmm… another excellent question: Prolly 2am, as that’s usually a time for quiet creativity & deeper ponderation.


    • Much, much more.

      Jodie Foster is a good choice. She is rarely in bad films.

      Lol. Number 8 didn’t want to play today.

      Yep. Unless some guy figures out a way to propose from the moon I’m done.


      Yeah, I suppose you’re right. Her stans will always be there for her.

      Addaryll though?! Lol. What were Joe and Katherine thinking.

      Yes, I agree. I feel really creative at that time too.

      Thanks for playing 10 Questions! 🙂

  4. 10. Can’t you just picture it: A bunch of non-black advertising people in a room. One guy says, “We need to appeal to African Americans. What do African Americans like?” “Music!” responds everyone. “Yeah, let’s make a commercial with music. Something hip-hop. Also there should be dancing.” Sigh.

    9. There isn’t any actor that will make me a see movie, no matter what the movie. But Denzel starring in a movie is a surefire way to make me NOT interested in seeing that movie.

    Number 8 is taking a nap with number 6.

    7. I’m with you. I never liked them in the first place.

    6. Sleeping late is better. Naps give me a headache and I often end up feeling worse afterward. My BF thinks not enjoying naps is a crime against humanity.

    5. Beyonce’s got longevity. I see her having a long career.

    4. Um. Michael. Jermaine. Janet. Tito. Latoya. Sebastian. Bartholomew. Bud. Lilly. Franklin. Marcus. Herbert. Okay okay, I made some up.

    3. Eggs Benedict (poached eggs on an English muffin) with crab cakes and some hash browns.

    2. I try to be aware of where my food comes from but if I’m unable to know for sure, I’ll still eat it.

    1. Definitely 2 p.m. I’m asleep at 2 a.m. Like loooooong gone alseep.

    • Unfortunately I can actually picture that happening. I bet that sort of thinking goes on a lot.

      What?! You really have top explain why you don’t like Denzel, Nicole. I’ve heard some people who are indifferent about him but no one that avoids his films. Why?

      Lol. Yep.

      I’m with Ryan. Afternoon naps are glorious.

      I guess I’m just hoping she’ll go away but you are likely right. 😦


      Yeah, it can be so hard to know. It’s really frustrating sometimes.

      I really enjoy the quiet of the early am.

      Thanks for answering! 🙂

  5. No better way to procrastinate but on your blog. 🙂
    10. That’s so true.
    9. If I enjoyed movies that much, I guess I would go see the likes of Mr. Statham, Ms. Epps (Shareeka), Rudd, Gosling and Ms. Washington (Kerry).
    8. It’s missing!
    7. I tend to see viral videos verrrrry late, it’s probably not viral at that point anymore.
    6. Afternoon nap. I feel more productive if I wake up early then nap (and not sleep uncontrollably for 6+ hours) in the afternoon.
    5. Not sure. I think since she comes from a musical family, and since her husband “retired” years ago, but has the White House (currently) talking about him, maybe not. Plus, people are obsessed with her new family..and I’m sure she’ll be entertaining for life.
    4. Michael, Tito, Jermaine, Janet, LaToya (4/8 ain’t bad)…plus you gave us a freebie. Reebie looks awesome, Lawd, that family does not age without the requisite surgery.
    3.I like to eat a lot in the morning, but for some reason I hate cooking for myself. If I had to choose, it would be gallo pinto (Costa Rican breakfast).
    2. I should care more about this.
    1. I’m not sure I do much (conscious) thinking while I’m asleep at 2am.

    • Miss Epps is a good choice. She’s a very good actor.

      Naps are so refreshing!

      Lol. I know, right. A plastic surgeon could make her whole career on that family alone. And that’s a shame.

      Gallo pinto? I’ll have to look that up.

  6. Here are some things that I’ve been wondering about and a few questions.

    10. Why do car commercials targeted to African Americans always involve music or some weird storyline but no information about the car?

    Thats funny, ive wondered sbout thst too. I suppose they figure that’s all we can relate to! They do the same crappy commercials here!

    09. What actor(s) will get you to see a film on their name alone?

    Sorry, no one. I couldn’t care less. If it was up to me alone all of the film stars would starve:)

    07. Am I the only one tired of seeing viral videos of unique ways guys propose marriage to their girlfriends?

    Oh my goodness! I hate that crap! I never ever watch that ridiculousness

    06. Which is better; sleeping late in the morning or taking a nice afternoon nap?

    I have to say both.

    05. Will Beyoncé be a has-been in 5 years?

    She’s already a has been

    04. How many of Joe and Katherine Jackson’s children can you name?

    Robbie, Germaine, Tito, Michael, LaToya, Janet and that’s all I can remember

    03. What is your idea of the perfect breakfast!
    Coffee, buttered croissants

    02. Does eating GMO (Genetically Engineered Foods) foods worry you?

    Yes, I’m constantly on the lookout to avoid them

    01. Do you think better at 2:00am or 2:00pm?

    It Depends on a lot of things

    • Car companies need to hire better people. Those ads are annoying.

      Lol.You don’t like actors?

      They play those videos on so many shows that it has just become too much.

      You named 6 out of 8, that’s pretty good.

      I hope they start labelling GMO foods. That will make avoiding them a lot easier.

  7. 10: Car commercials – Yeah I noticed, but the commercials for food are worse. Negroes always gotta be dancing and singing for some damned chicken or a biscuit.

    09: Actors – Boy you’re really feeling that Judy Marte aren’t you Val?!? You do like the cute ones.

    08: What do you got against the number 8 Val?

    07: Proposal videos – I’d rather see viral videos about ass whippings myself.

    06: Sleep late or nap – I’d love to nap more often, I never sleep late.

    05: Beyonce in 5 years – I’m sick of her ass too; hopefully she’ll get all into motherhood and go the hell away..

    04: Jackson children – Wouldn’t it be easier to name the ones that just aren’t fucking weird?!?

    03: Perfect breakfast – Steak medium rare, eggs scrambled with cheese and a nice cup of Joe.

    02: GMO foods – Is it tasty?!? Is so, no.

    01: 2:00pm or 2:00am –Definitely 2:00pm.

    • Yeah, like that Mary J commercial for Burger King where they had her standing on top of a table and singing about chicken. Yikes.

      Yep, she’s a really good actress, Reggie. 🙂

      Just seeing who is paying attention. Lol.

      Ass whippings? Lol.

      I almost never sleep late either. I’m usually up really early. Which means by afternoon I need a nap.

      If only our wish would come true!

      Which ones aren’t weird though?

      That sounds like a Waffle House special. Lol.

      Definitely not tasty.

      So, you are a day person. I’m the opposite.

      Thanks for participating! 🙂

  8. 10. Not just car commercials but most commercials appeal to the acquisitive and asperational segments of the Black community in this way.
    9.None. I like directors.
    8. Crawfish.
    7. I hate them. They give my girlfriend ideas of how I should do it.
    6. I get sleep whenever I can so it’s a wash.
    5. Well, yes. And no. She won’t be huge but she will be working.
    4. Ronny, Bobby, Ricky and Mike?
    3. Lunch.
    2.Yes. I’m not a fan of “better living through science”.
    1. 3-6 am.

    • Interesting.


      I guess we’re going to be seeing you in one soon. Lol

      Yeah, she’ll still be touring. Instead of arenas she’ll be performing at County Fairs.

      Wait a minute, isn’t that New edition?

      I agree, UBJ, 3 to 6 am are good thinking hours.

      Thanks for participating!

  9. I ALWAYZ get a Chuckle from the Beyounce-SHADE Though (YES I DO…) #LMAOOOOOO

    ICE-COFFEE… Excuse Me Though —–> HURLS!!!!! O_o

    Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Michael, Randy, Janet and REBBIE BABAYYYYYYY ;-D

    Breakfast: Coffee and Cinnamon Danish (Yeahhh I Know I Need to DO BETTER…)

    Movies: MEH Nobody Really… Bruce Willis ALWAYZ Been MY Favorite Though (STILL IS Too…)
    BEEN OVER Those Viral Videos Though (YUPPP…)

    Those Car Commercials: They simply DAF when it comes to us as a PURCHASING DEMOGRAPHIC becuz as a WHOLE we’re considered Simple, EASY, Materialistic and Extremely GULLIBLE (THUS If we ADVERTISE IT… THEY WILL COME/BUY…) #MmmHmm

    I AGREE with You on Everything Else BABY (Sure Do…) ;-D

    • Lol. No shade, I was just wondering. 🙂

      What? Iced coffee is great!

      Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

      Bruce used to be a sure bet but lately, not so much.

      Yeah, the are truly tired.

      That’s true. We need to hold on to our money and make them work harder for it.


      Thanks for playing, ELove!

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