Flashback Friday: 90’s groups that broke up too soon

Lin made a comment recently about a group from the 90’s that should not have broken up. Which inspired me to devote this Flashback Friday post to that subject of 90’s groups that broke up way too soon.

Here are two groups/ duos from the 90’s that seemed like the best was yet to come from them when they broke up.

Brownstone – The three original members of Brownstone were Monica “Mimi” Doby, Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell and Nichole “Nicci” Gilbert.The group released one album together in 1995 called, ” From the Bottom Up“. From that album came two hits, “If You Love Me” and “Grapevyne

After touring to promote that album group member Monica “Mimi” Doby left the group. She first said that is was because of health reasons but later admitted that it was because of friction within the group.

After that Brownstone added another member and then another and tried a comeback in 1997 which was unsuccessful.

Zhané – A great duo from the 90’s that imploded way too soon was Zhané. The duo consisted of Jean Norris and Renee Neufvill. They released their debut album, “Pronounced Jah-Nay”  in 1994. The album went platinum spawning three hits, “Hey Mr. DJ” and “Sending My Love” and “Groove Thang“.

The duo released their second and final album, “Saturday Night“, in 1997. That album failed to even reach Gold status. After the release of that album Neufvill and Norris broke up.

Do you agree with my choices?
What group or groups from the 90’s do you think broke up too soon?

34 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: 90’s groups that broke up too soon

  1. Those sisters in Brownstone could sing. Whenever I hear music like this I’m reminded just how much today’s music sucks.

  2. I love both groups and think they both broke up way too soon. Zhane is in my car right now…I can’t get enough of their sound. Those chicks were incredible!

  3. Good list! I think I’ll add En Vogue and Jodeci. I just looked on Wikipedia, and apparently En Vogue was working on a comeback, but it fell apart and now they’re suing each other over rights to the group’s name, smh. As far as Jodeci (did they actually break up?), I really didn’t like them when they first came out, but when they released Diary of a Mad Band I became a fan.

    Oh! Also, Dru Hill and SWV. 🙂

    • SWV didn’t break up! Nevermind about them. Also, I think I may have misunderstood the topic. It’s groups who broke up too soon… it’s early, y’all lol.

      • It’s really either too soon or shouldn’t have broken up at all or who should get back together. Lol.

        Yeah, that reminds me, SWV just released a song or album a few months ago. I don’t think it did that well.

    • En Vogue is a good one. They should still be making music together. I read about that lawsuit. They need to forget all of that and make some music.

      Jodeci? Lol. I think drugs got in the way of them making music. I don’t think they ever officially broke up. They are such a sad story. They’ve become punchlines to a joke.

      Dru Hill is another good one. I saw something about Sisqo doing gigs at very, very, very small clubs these days.

  4. I liked the group Brownstone. I thought they had great harmonies and great vocals. I put them right up there with En Vogue. I wondered what happened to them? I thought they were very talented. It always baffles me in groups like Brownstone don’t get the success they set out for.

    • The music business is crazy. All sorts of things can happen to keep artists from reaching their potential. Like if their record company changes ownership or executives. That’s why it’s so hard for people to make it, even if they are very talented like Brownstone.

  5. I guess we will see Brownstone and all the others that didn’t make on Unsung. Then we can learn what happened to them.

    • So far most of the Unsung episodes I’ve seen have been on artists from the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s. So I guess they will be getting to the 90′s and beyond soon.

  6. Jodeci was a very good group. I liked Teddy Riley and all those 90’s groups. Blackstreet and but they had drug and alcohol issues that was very unfortunate.

  7. Oh I forgot about Dru Hill and SWV. Music was so good then. I sucks today. I can’t stand mainstream commercial pop music today. The crap on the radio makes me crazy. I’m listening to alternative music. I am tired of Beyonce’

    • There’s is almost no mainstream R&B these days. Most of it is pop, like the stuff Rhianna does. But, there are some R&B artists around. You just have to look hard for them because they don’t get much radio airplay.

    • I love both groups. Also think En Vogue was great. Salt and Pepper, and yes there are no girl groups around. I wonder why?…

      • Salt n Peppa is a good one. They really broke up too soon.

        TLC didn’t brake up though. Remember Left Eye was killed in a car accident in Costa Rica.

      • Yeah, that’s a good question. I really like girl groups. I used to like Destiny’s Child even though now I’m really sick of Beyonce and have never been a fan of her’s since she and her dad destroyed Destiny’s Child and went solo.

  8. What a tragedy Lopes desth was! What a loss! There are many, many accidents on these island roads because they are poorly lit at night or not lit at all! And being in tropical countries with much vegetation, roads are often winding with many twists and turns that one is familiar with only if you es grown up there. Extremely dangerous! The only place you’ll find we’ll lit streets are in the small hub of the capital city, but on the rest of the islands you’re on your own! Even locals often end ip down the ravine in the dark!

    I always thought that was in large part why they had that accident.

      • Yeah, Lisa’s death was a big loss. She was so talented and interesting.

        Unfortunately there is a video of the car accident. Someone who was in the car was filming when Lisa lost control of the SUV. VH1 did a special on her life and showed it. It was really disturbing to see.

  9. Hey Val:

    I can understand how the whole group dynamic doesn’t always work out (hell, I marvel at the STONES for being together for so many DECADES!!!!)…. but it’s sad that so much REAL talent gets silenced, either by the politics of the industry or by the shifts in public taste.

    I miss these Artists & so many more who have serious gifts still left to contribute!


    • Yep, Lin, politics, ego, money, drugs, can all cause great groups to implode. I think the Stones are still together because they don’t spend much time together unless they’re working and they got rich very early in their careers.

      • You’re right, Val. I didn’t even consider the effects of drugs, & surely they’ve killed many a career & ruined countless lives. But, I’m sure you can recall the (good ole) days when people were Blessed w/ real skills, could blow like no one else, and had longstanding CAREERS… instead of a minor hit or two. That’s what’s missing in the biz today. Of course there are exceptions ( Alicia, Beyonce, Usher & dem)… but it doesn’t seem to be the norm.

        I think, if I were young, like The Stones were when they first made it big, shortly afterward I woulda chilled the hell out, retired to a private island on Tahiti before I hit 30, started eating peaches on the beaches, sipping on umbrella grogs & stuff, & just let everyone talk about what hot ish I USED to be. lol. But that’s just me.


      • That would be a good plan, Lin. But, once the money, fame and perks start rolling in it’s hard to walk away from all of that.

  10. Oh… as far as groups I wish were still together & making mo music, there are many: Chief among them would be Digable Planets & Soul II Soul.


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