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When I heard about the bombing at the Boston Marathon the first thing I did was get on the phone to call a friend who runs in marathons all over the country. Thankfully she answered her phone and was at work.

That made me feel a bit better in that moment but seeing the news reports of the bombing really got to me. The senseless violence was disturbing and, just as disturbing was that this was done at a sporting event. As an avid track and running fan this really seemed doubly disturbing.

All of those people just there to cheer and see the runners compete, all of the athletes just there to compete and challenge themselves. No point of contention, no gripe, no resentment can justify this kind of violence.



26 thoughts on “WTF Files

  1. Sad isn’t it?!?

    One of the ladies that I work with, that I saw this past Friday was there running today. I hope she’s alright.

    I just hope that they catch these bastards!!!

    • Yep, Reggie, it’s very, very sad.

      Wow, I hope your co-worker is okay. I was really glad to be able to reach my friend earlier on the phone.

      Well, say what you might about President Obama, he doesn’t play around when it comes to getting terrorists. So, I’m pretty sure they are going to be perp walking some people very soon in Boston.

      • I see they killed one of the “suspects” this morning. I hope they can take the other one alive……….after they beat the ever living shit outta him.

        Oh and my co-worker is just fine, thanks.

    • Well, Rob, whatever resentment someone may have, it cannot justify this kind of act. And, this sort of violence is counter-productive if someone is trying to make some sort of point as the point will be lost in the violence.

      • Last year’s terrorist is this year’s freedom fighter is next year’s president. Gerry Adams, Anachem Begin, Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro and so on. Sooner or later, we have to talk. I’m just saying let’s talk sooner rather than later and stop the bloodshed.

      • Sometimes that is true. But, not everyone is fighting for freedom. Many claim their cause to be righteous when it isn’t.

      • Whether they’re right or wrong is not the issue. They won’t accept our judgement either way. We need to find a way to make the killing stop. We may be right but innocent folk are still dying. Rightness is no armour against bombs. Nor are threats, wars on terror, police action, or any of the other predictable responses. Indeed, these only guarantee we’ll see more terrorism.

      • I agree that we all need to find a way to make this stop. At this point our governments have done so much damage in the world that I don’t know if it is possible to right all of those wrongs. So, those with beefs against governments have a lot of reasons to be angry and I don’t know how to stop them considering all that’s happened. And, there are people who will find a reason, any reason, to do violence. I’m not sure if they can be

    • Very frightening, Dienna. I suppose, in whole or part, that was the goal. The randomness of these sort of attacks makes all of us feel vulnerable.

  2. To plant a bomb that will kill innocent people, people unwittingly living their lives, who never did a thing to hurt you or yours is a manifestation of complete and utter evil. Any bomb, or landmine, or bullet or a planted devise that kills a child or a group of children is a soulless act.

    History reveals the US not have entirely clean hands. WE, in times of war, have been guilty of committing some of these same types of crimes against humanity, and that does not make it any more right. It’s only when this type of violence strikes here, on US soil, that we become sickened, offended, angry, and it’s only then that we fully GET IT and understand the bloody price some pay in other parts of the world regularly. Sickness breeds sickness. Dialogue is long overdue. This madness must end.

    In the meantime: If there’s a hell below, a whole lotta self-righteous thugs and blindly murdering ‘terrorists’ are gonna go.

    One Love.

    • I agree, Lin, the U.S. government has done a lot of damage in the world. That’s why we citizens need to carefully watch what they do in our name.

  3. It takes a lot of pent up, festering hatred to bring about this kind of damage. I do understand what Rob is saying, at least I think I do. That if these persons were reachable before their hatred could grow and explode this way, perhaps things like this wouldn’t happen.

      • Exactly. Everyone’s getting on the telly today speaking about how they were “normal kids.” So, yeah, it kinda is senseless violence. How can you reach people that appear normal in everyday life? Where’s the red flag?

  4. I am praying for the injured and the families that lost loved ones. I am sad. Here in Texas another city is in flames and prayer for the first time responders of this tragedy in the town of West. It is near Waco. We are living in some scary times. God bless us all

    • Wow, Mary, that explosion in Texas was crazy! I cannot understand why the government would allow a factory like that to be so close to homes.

      The marathon bombing was crazy too. It looks like they have two suspects though. So hopefully they will be in custody soon before they can do any more damage.

  5. MAINSTREAM MEDIA is leading the VAST MAJORITY of U.S. Citizens in the WRONG DIRECTION as far as WHOSE Really Responsible for This INCIDENT as well as OTHERS in the NOT NO RECENT PAST (Not Going to Elaborate Further…) Just KNOW YOUR GOVERNMENT doesn’t give A DAMN ABOUT YOU (And YES Ghat includes ME Too…)

    FOX, CNN and ANY Other Newz Organization with Ties to The GOVERNMENT will NEVER TELL US THE REAL TRUTH (About ANYTHING Though…)

    And Forgive me for MY Profoundness If I Assaulted Anybody’s Sensibilities (REAL…)

    • Yep, ELove, I gave up on the mainstream media long ago. I try to get my news from alternative and if possible non-profit news sources.

      Have any news source suggestions?

      • You DOING GOOD Darling… Just be AWARE of the GOVT-SPYING Protocols Though (MmmHmm…)

        The FBI been spying on Gossip-n-Entertainment Sites for the PAST 8 Years and The CIA has Covert-Internet Cyber-Stalker Organizations specifically TARGETING NON-Mainstream News Outlets WEBSITES (This been going on SINCE Homeland Security Formation but has gotten FAR MORE Aggressive the PAST 3 years…) These CIA Stalkers are collecting IP ADDRESSES and making them apart of their DATABASES for keeping track of U.S. Citizens that aren’t apart of the “FALL FOR ANYTHING” MASSES that they already have under Their Control (REAL…)

        Which is WHY I’m not giving you ANY SUGGESTIONS but You probably already know about these (Or AT LEAST some of them…) ANYWAY… The MAIN KEY is staying PROACTIVE and INFORMED which is what you’re DOING (YUPPP…) ;-D

      • Yeah, ELove, Big Brother is everywhere. Fear makes most people lax about protecting their privacy and other civil rights. That’s a sad fact. But, like you I just try to stay aware of the motivation of those who are giving me information. That also keeps me on my toes as far as being cynical enough to survive in this new world order.

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