Flashback Friday: Groove Theory – Tell Me

The group formed in New York in 1993, when Amel Larrieux met Bryce Wilson while she was working at Rondor Music as a receptionist. Larrieux had been working at the music publishing company since the age of 18. Wilson was a producer at Rondor.

The group signed to record with Epic Records, and in 1995, they released their self-titled debut album Groove Theory. The album featured the single, “Tell Me”, which reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100 and number three on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. “Tell Me” peaked at #31 in the UK Singles Chart in November 1995. Other charted singles from the album included “Baby Luv” and “Keep Trying”, which reached numbers 18 and 36 on the R&B chart, respectively. The album also went on to be certified gold.

Larrieux left Groove Theory in 1999 to pursue a solo career, and was replaced by Makeda Davis. The group signed with Columbia Records and recorded a new album, ‘The Answer’, which was expected for release in 2001. Displeased with Columbia’s track record at the time with urban projects, Wilson asked for a release from the label, causing the album to remain unreleased. A single entitled “4 Shure” was released from the album to minor chart performance.

Larrieux began her solo career forming her own independent record label, Blisslife, to distribute her music. Wilson appeared in the films Beauty Shop, Trois and Hair Show, and produced music for Beyoncé, Amerie and Mary J. Blige.

It was rumored that Amel and Bryce were in the studio recording together in 2010 but, so far no new music has been released by Groove Theory.

Do you remember this song?


13 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Groove Theory – Tell Me

  1. Yes indeed I do! Brings back happy memories of NOLA in the summer. Sitting on the Lake eating crawfish and drinking beer with my brothers and our kids…*sigh* #FeelGoodMusic

  2. I never knew they were a group, I thought Groove Theory was her name. I thought Wilson was just yummy eye-candy! 🙂 I love this song, I even had a Groove Theory phase in which I had that side part hairstyle everyday through 7th grade. #memories

  3. Of course I recall this jam, Val! They were the COOLEST (well, next to Digable Planets) & much like Da Planets, I only wish they’d lasted longer. I still remain a hardcore Amel fan, tho.


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