10 things that make me happy!

10. Being able to buy iced coffee by the half gallon instead of buying super expensive Starbucks Frappuccino! I’m saving a ton of money!

09. Unexpectedly good films! I saw a film on Bounce TV last week called, “‘I’m Through with White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks)”. The film is about a Blerd who only dates White women, as he thinks Black women won’t get him. But, he realizes it’s time for a change and actively tries to date Black women. And, when he finally meets someone, that’s when the film gets really good. I highly recommend this film!

07. Brittney Griner dunking!

06. Smart Phones! I’ve decided to fire my ISP and get a smart phone!

05. Short breaks from blogging!

04. Planning trips!

03. This photo!

02. New fancy shower head with a dozen different settings!

01. Spring!


What’s making you happy!



34 thoughts on “10 things that make me happy!

  1. 1. My garden
    2. Eating vegetables and herbs that grew in my garden
    3. Fresh air
    4. Long walks
    5. Watching the deer in my backyard
    6. Cooking “spring/summer” foods
    7. Wearing my shorts and dresses
    8. The hot sun on my skin
    9. Staying up late to watch a movie
    10. Gobbling up mango gelatos.

    • Oh my, I can’t even imagine how nice it must be to eat what you grow.

      I love long walks too. I especially love them when I’m travelling and I get to explore new cities.

      Late movie nights are fun!

  2. 9) Yeah… I caught part of that movie – it looked interesting. I plan to buy it to see how it ended.
    7) Nope. I prefer Skylar Diggins doing anything.

  3. I’m keeping happy with doing a little painting. I have a mural i started on my bathroom and have gotten a couple of ideas for some other things. Havent painted in a while.

    Also I searched for that station here on Univision as you said with no results. Those coffees look good! Also have never seen them here in the stores. 😦

  4. Val, I like that movie. I saw it by accident channel surfing and it was quite enjoyable. I like to wear my sandals and sundresses with a cute pair of sunglasses. Listening to Michael Jackson music, watching a really good movie. Hanging out with friends drinking a nice pitcher of sangria. A good summer book to read. Barbeque.

    • Yeah, I just stumbled across the movie too.

      I wish I could wear sundresses more but it is always so cool here.

      Yep, nothing like a classic MJ jam.

      Ah, nice summer bbq!

      I promised myself I was going to read more this year. If you are reading anything good let me know!

  5. You’re right Val, Brittney Griner is the shit!!!!

    You know what really makes me happy…….Dunkin Donuts and Cafe Du Monde coffee.

    • Aren’t you supposed to eat beignets with Cafe Du Monde coffee?

      I miss Dunkin’ Donuts. Can you believe they don’t have them here?! We have the worst donut shops in the world in this area.

      Yep, Brittney is amazing! I really don’t think anybody but Notre Dame has a chance to beat Baylor.

  6. Lately, I’ve been very happy just hanging out on my sofa Val. That’s something I hadn’t be able to do for a long time. It’s been so peaceful.
    And yes, Reggie is supposed to eat beignets with that CDM! LOL

    • Relaxing on the sofa sounds really good, BC. I had a long week.

      Lol. I thought he was doing something wrong eating those donuts with that coffee.

      • I love beignets, but Cafe DuMonde has a habit of putting a tad too much powdered sugar on theirs, so I end up shaking the hell outta ’em before I eat them.

      • I hate a bunch of powered sugar too, Reggie. I also hate when cookies have sugar sprinkled on them. It’s overkill with the sweetness.

  7. I haven’t tried those iced coffee drinks yet, but I heard that they’re good. Those would save me the money that I’d usually spend at some place like Starbucks.

    I own that movie on DVD! (I haven’t bought a DVD in ages.) I thought it was good too. I like things that showcase quirky black people. And normally in movies that focus from the guy’s point of view, they come off as “women are nothing but trouble…” and blahblahblah, but this was the opposite. It showed that this guy was the one with the issues that needed to be fixed! I liked that. I loved the Catherine character, with her multicolored dreads. Lia Johnson, the actress who played her, has a few more credits after that movie (I’ve seen “Drag Me To Hell,” but don’t remember her from it), but I’m surprised she hasn’t been more out there than that.

    • That particular brand in the photo is the one I drink and it is very good.

      You’re right, that film was really unique in the portrayal of all of the main characters. I thought both leads were great. I go0gled them both after seeing the film and was disappointed to find out that they haven’t done many other films. Seems like a waste of talent.

      • I ended up buying one of those iced coffee drinks today (the caramel macchiato one) as well as a reusable cup with a straw. Time to start seeing the money that I save by doing that!

        And yeah, it is too bad that those actors aren’t doing much else. I’m tired of seeing the same actors in all the films while talented, lesser known actors don’t get that chance.

      • Ha! That’s the flavor I like! They are definitely a money savor. That’s part of what makes drinking these so enjoyable! Lol.

        I feel like I have been seeing the same Black actors for about the last 10 years. I think the lack of roles in Hollywood for Black actors makes it very difficult for new actors to get a break.

  8. Sounds like someone has been actively snatching a little personal JOY! Good for you, Val.

    Never had iced coffee before (not counting the hot coffee I allowed to get cold)… but that film (I’m Through With White Girls) was seriously good ( the title alone made me watch it). I’m now a fan of this flick.


    • Yep, I’m trying, Lin!

      Iced coffee is great! It’s so refreshing. 🙂

      That is such a great little film. I just wish more people could see it, then maybe we could have more quirky little indie films like it.

  9. Spring does make me happy. But being inside a classroom doesn’t!
    That iced coffee looks good!
    Spontaneous plans make me happy.
    Home cooked meals, random meetups with friends, playing cards and just enjoying some good company with great music!
    Patios with great views make me happy.
    Unexpected gifts make me happy.
    Writing blogs makes me happy.
    I guess my overall theme this season is connections. I’m glad to have them, including yours!

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