Did you know about Bounce TV? If so, why didn’t you tell me!?

So, it’s a little past 3am on Sunday morning and I am awake. I am a lifetime member of the night owl’s club so I’m often awake at this time. Usually I read or watch a dvd or do some work. But, this morning I decided to watch a little TV.

I started by surfing the channels and came across a Soul Train episode. And, I was like what the heck? Why is soul train on Univision?

It turns out that this channel does belong to Univision but, it is being used to broadcast another TV channel now. And, that TV channel is called Bounce TV and it is a Black owned TV channel!

Bounce TV is the first ever Black owned and operated broadcast TV network! History has been made folks.

I am shocked that I have heard absolutely nothing about Bounce TV. I checked wikipedia and was again surprised to see that Bounce TV was founded by Andrew Young and Martin Luther King III in 2011! It has been on the air since 2011 and I haven’t heard a darn thing about it.

How is that possible?

Bounce TV is aimed toward African Americans between the ages of 25 and 54. It shows films, documentaries, sports, past TV series and some original programming.

If you haven’t heard of Bounce and want to know if you can see it in your area, you can check here. It is broadcast in all top 10 markets and reaches 55% of the country. And, best of all, you don’t need cable to see it!

Have you heard of Bounce TV?
Have you seen Bounce TV?
If you’ve seen it, what do you think of it?

28 thoughts on “Did you know about Bounce TV? If so, why didn’t you tell me!?

  1. I think Little Rock was one of the first markets to receive Bounce. I don’t have cable so I was excited that I could watch it over-the-air. Here’s the thing though… the content kinda sucks. I really did give it a chance (promise!), but all they ever play are Soul Train and Fat Albert episodes, plus A LOT of bad, low budget movies. They usually play the semi-decent movies during prime time, which is smart programming I suppose.

    I wonder if they’re having trouble getting decent content or they just don’t care. Either way it’s a shame because I think the channel is not really living up to its potential. It’s definitely a step in the right direction though.

    • Well, I’ve been watching on and off today and I see what you’re talking about. The programming is a little lacking for sure. There was some film from the 70’s on earlier and it was pretty bad. It was so bad I was kind of laughing at it and, it wasn’t a comedy. I hope that they are working on bringing better content to the network. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed.

  2. I heard about it. I didn’t know it was up and running. I hope it’s better than BET. Because I can’t with BET.

    • I’ve only been watching Bounce as of today, Mary, but so far it seems light years ahead of BET. As Aly said above, they need to tweak their programming but it does appear as though they are trying to offer an alternative to the crap on BET.

  3. As a non-cable-haver, I was aware of Bounce. I think, like you, I just stumbled upon it one day. I certainly didn’t find it due to promotion or advertising. They need to get on that. But, like Aly says, it kind of sucks. Old episodes of Soul Train are fine every once in while for nostalgia’s sake, but there needs to be more. The movies options are terrible. I once saw a movie on Bounce with Ice Cube and Ving Rhames and Ving Rhames was African with a terrible African accent and he was sucking on a chicken foot. I changed immediately. LOL. But every once in a while, something good will come on, like Dave Chapelle’s Block Party or The Last Dragon. I can’t say I watch Bounce often, but it’s definitely in my channel rotation as I’m switching through and I’m glad it’s there.

    • Lol@sucking on a chicken foot!

      Well, I’m hoping that over time they will have better programming. I’m sure the better the film is the more it costs to get the rights to broadcast it. So hopefully as their revenue increases they will show the good stuff. And, some news and public affairs programming would be nice too.

      Yep, I’m glad it’s there too. It’s a nice step forward.

      • Their Revenue won’t increase unless the Advertisers offer more $$$ to show their COMMERCIALS and ONLY Increase viewership will make That Possible Though (Yeah I’m SURE Yous know this ALREADY…) #SoDontShootMe O_o

        And THAT Ice Cube movie was “Dangerous Ground” and it had Crack-Head SKINNY Elizabeth Hurley (Huge Grant’s Ex-Squeeze in it…) Yeah it was WEAK-SAUCE!!! LOL

      • I’m not hopeful that viewership will increase since people like me and Nicole just lucked out into finding the channel. They need to be more proactive and get the word out.

  4. Yeah I KNEW about Bounce TV and Heard about the announcement when it was going to be LIVE but wasn’t Remotely Interested (Sorry…)

    Regular TV programming doesn’t dominate My Lifestyle and Reality TV is killing the TV Experience for THOSE OF US who aren’t interested in Such Programming… And going by The COMMERCIALS I See promoting Other Reality TV Shows… It SEEMS that Reality TV isn’t going ANYWHERE (Anytime Soon Though…) SMDH

    • I don’t have cable so I haven’t seen any of those reality shows. But, don’t count on them going away, they are really cheap to make and the bottom-line rules.

  5. Oh yeah…. I regularly update the little boxes on top of many of my elderly renter’s televisions. Bounce has been out for a while and many of my renters like to watch the old movies. Centric, BET, TV One, Bounce… Are there any more “Black” stations? Does it matter whether they are owned by Blacks or that they are geared towards Blacks?

    • Well, firstly, of all those media outlets you mention only Bounce is Black owned. So in a country with hundreds, if not thousands, of TV outlets it probably is important that at least one is Black owned. But, maybe you don’t see it that way? Maybe Black people don’t need to own anything?

  6. My cable supplier doesn’t feature it as an option, Val. But we JUST got TV-One & BET-Centric (much better than BET) as recently as last year…. so I guess there’s still hope.


  7. As another non-cable owner, I have BOUNCE but didn’t realize all these things about it being black owned, etc. I have noticed they play music videos sometimes, which is cool. I hardly watch TV enough for this station to affect my life, but maybe now I will pay more attention to it.

    • I’ve only been watching now for a week. And, so far Bounce has its highs and its lows. I saw two great films on it last night. I was really surprised. So I think about 75% of the stuff they show is kind of crappy and the other 25% is pretty good. Which I suppose is about like the other networks.

    • I’m not a fan of Sherri Sheppard so I doubt I’ll be watching any Bounce today. Lol Yep, they still have a ways to go. But, it is nice to see Black folks on broadcast TV.

  8. On July 10th they have about 6 hours of forever Jones— really! Maybe they have learned from TBN who on Christmas insists on running a story about Ralphie and his father’s leg lamp–which has nothng to do with Christmas, but is on all day—go figure! Perhaps they need to hire people with more savy and become a real entertainment ststion, but of course, real tv channels are full of survivor, big brother, weight loss, dancing, and talent things –again, it says a lot about American TV.

    • I watching the Forever Jones marathon right now. I like the show. Although, the Wal-Mart commercials embedded in the show are a bit annoying. Lol.

      I think Bounce is on the right track. They just need time and revenue. More shows like Forever Jones, with just a little more kick, would be a good start.

  9. Bounce can be a great station looking forward to new programs especially some gospel on Sunday morn.instead of talk shows.. Have seen lots of re runs but in time things will get better

  10. The new original programming lacks processional writing and production. I hope that this changes as the network is still in it’s infancy.

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