HBCU Alert: Howard University grad shines on American Idol!

I haven’t watched more than 20 minutes of American Idol in the last 3 or 4 years. Well that is until last night. I watched almost the entire show. And, guess what! It was pretty good. Yeah, Nicki Minaj was as annoying as ever. And, Randy Jackson still thinks everyone is “pitchy” but, overall the singers where good.

One singer in particular stood out to me. And, not just because she is such a cutie either, which she is. Her name is Tenna Torres! She’s from Queens, New York, my home borough, and she’s a graduate of Howard University! Go HBCUs!

Tenna is an amazing singer! So, if you are so inclined to vote for an American Idol contestant, I hope you will cast your vote for Tenna!

Check her out!

Go Tenna!

4 thoughts on “HBCU Alert: Howard University grad shines on American Idol!

  1. I watched Idol for the first time in a long time last night as well, Val. Maybe there’s nothing better on on Tuesday nights? Oddly enough, Tenna’s performance is the only one that I missed (phone call). She’s that good, huh? I’ll have to check her out next week.

    My favorite singer last night was Candice. Whew! She made those other women look like amateurs – which I guess technically they all are lol.

    I don’t think Nicki will be back next season. She doesn’t really seem to enjoy being there, plus I get the feeling that the other judges kinda hate her. Her facial expressions crack me up though. She definitely does NOT have a poker face.

    • Lol. Yeah, TV on Tuesdays is pretty thin. I usually watch NCIS LA but while channel surfing I ended up watching AI.

      Yep, Tenna is a really good singer. I think she has a good chance of having a nice career.

      All of them were really good except for the first one. She sang that Tina Turner song. Oh my, she was horrible. How did she even get to this round?

      Lol. It really does seem like the other judges are only tolerating Nicki. Mariah didn’t say a single word to her last night.

  2. Oh yeah, she’s definitely your “type” Val.

    By the way, I’m proud to say that I’m a graduate of Alabama State University, class of ’89.

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