10 Things: Danica Patrick Sucks, Robin Returns, “Like” Drama and much, much more!

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.Here are 10 things that are on my mind this week

10. – Race car driver Danica Patrick will race this weekend at the Daytona 500. She won the pole position last weekend by having the fastest lap at time trials for the race. The media has been doing lots of reports this week on her. And, those reports got me thinking about how astoundingly over-covered by the media she is considering she’s one of the suckiest race car drivers in the sport. She’s never won a race. Heck, she’s never even come in second or even third.

And, despite her suckiness, she is one of the highest profile racers in the sport. (Is race car driving a sport?) Not since Michelle Wie conned the media and Nike into thinking she was a great golfer has anyone with such a crappy record of achievement in sports achieved so much notoriety.

09. – Robin Roberts went back to work this week at ABC’s Good Morning America. As you know she’s been out sick for the past several months. I’m just wondering, amid all the fanfare of her return, has she come back too soon?

Whatever the case, Robin looks great and she is so brave and a wonderful role model.

08. – I have a friend on facebook who messaged me this week. She was upset. She went on to say that she was hurt that I never seemed to “Like” any of the stuff she posts.

So, I thought about how to respond to her. Basically should I be honest or make something up to be nice. I decided to be honest.

I told her that I never “Like” any one of her posts because I ‘hide’ her posts from my feed because I got fed up with all the kittens, cute babies and sayings and quotes she posts.

And she posts a stunning number of those things every single day! When I go on facebook I hate when my feed is clogged with all that junk. I just want my news and status reports from friends. That’s it.

Her response was to not understand how anyone wouldn’t want to see those types of things. She said they were inspirational and she just wanted to make everyone’s day better by posting them. And she went on and on about how much inspirational sayings and quotes help her get through the day.

I realize now I should have just said that I loved her posts and just didn’t take the time to “Like” them. Sigh. We went back and forth until somehow she convinced me to ‘unhide’ her posts and to take the time to “really see them”.

Yep, I should have lied.

06. – It’s really interesting to me how much the media has been covering the story about South African track athlete Oscar Pistorius (allegedly) murdering his girlfriend. They have been covering it everyday since it happened. And that’s really interesting since the media seemingly can only find the time to cover the violence in Chicago every few months or so.

05. – I saw the film, “Yelling To The Sky” recently. It stars Zoë Kravitz and features Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe as well as Shareeka Epps, who you may remember from the film, “Half Nelson“.

As you probably know by now my favorite film genre is coming of age films. And “Yelling To The Sky” falls in that category. Zoë plays a 17 year-old named “Sweetness”, who suffers living in a home with an abusive father and a mentally ill mother. The film follows her as she tries to navigate school, being bullied by neighborhood kids and dealing with her parents.

Zoë was really good in her role and I really liked the film, although I felt the resolution was just a teensy bit contrived. The film is from 2011, so I’m sure it’s on Netflix and dvd. If you check it out, as always, please let me know what you thought of it.

04. – Have you had Challah bread? It’s so good!

03. – You guys know I crush a lot, right. So, guess who I’m crushing on now. Ready? Tamar Braxton! I know, I know, she’s a little loud but, she’s so cute. This is my guilty pleasure crush. 🙂

Check out her latest song, “Love and War“.

02. – I went bike riding this week. Have you ever gone bike riding and enjoyed it so much that you didn’t pay attention to how far away from home you rode? I did. Lol. And it was no fun riding all the way back home! I’ll never let that happen again.

01. – Ak is going on tour soon. And, Miguel is going to be opening for her! The only thing is the venue she’s playing is huge and I hate crowds. I’m going to have to decide if I’m going to brave the crowd or wait to see her at a smaller venue.

What’s on your mind this week?
Do you think I ought to brave the crowd to see AK?
What do you think of my thoughts for the week?

44 thoughts on “10 Things: Danica Patrick Sucks, Robin Returns, “Like” Drama and much, much more!

  1. RIP number 7.

    5. I’ve been trying to see Yelling to the Sky since it was playing in limited theaters. Since it was a limited release, it never played in DC. As a mixed chick and a fan of Zoe Kravitz, I really want to see it. Still haven’t been able to get a hold of it. Sigh.

    4. Challah bread is my boyfriend’s favorite bread. He likes it because, according to him, it looks like a bunch of dinner rolls stuck together into one mega-bread. As a result, he just rips pieces of the bread off with his bare hands like he has no home training. He says the bread is made for you to rips pieces off, otherwise it wouldn’t look like a bunch of dinner rolls. Um, no.

    1. I think Alicia Keys is too big to play smaller venues at this point. You better take this opportunity to see her while you can. See her now in case she never reverts back to smaller venues. Then, if, surprisingly, AK does play in a smaller venue, see her again. It’ll be a totally different experience.

    • Poor #7.

      You’ll like the film, Nicole. The subject matter is mostly disturbing but it’s a good film.

      Lol. It does look like a bunch of dinner rolls stuck together.

      You’re right but, huge crowds give me the creeps. I’ll see how it goes.

  2. I forgot number 8. Just wanted to add, I hate Facebook. LOL. Its very existence at this point is a chore. I hope that one day Facebook will pass and I can remove myself from it. Just thinking of it makes me grumble and sigh loudly.

    • Facebook really bugs me too. It seems like they are always up to some scheme to secretly squeeze more information out of you. At least once a week I think about deleting my page. I really hope something else comes along that wipes out facebook that is more honest with its users.

  3. 10 – I call this the Anna Kournikova effect. She’s the first female sports star I can remember who became famous yet was so crappy. Honestly though, with Patrick I can kinda see the hype about her pole win. It actually IS newsworthy considering she’s the first woman to do it. I don’t necessarily fault women (or men) who use their looks to get ahead, which is obviously what’s happening with people like Patrick, Wie and Kournikova. They didn’t create the system, but they’re damn sure gonna take advantage of it. Can’t be mad at that. Also, I think people like Patrick are needed to some degree. Although she’s terrible, she is inspiring girls to do participate in a sport usually reserved for men.

    08 – Please don’t take this the wrong way, but your friend sounds like a pain 🙂

    06 – It’s a shame, isn’t it?

    05 – Zoe Kravitz is an actress? And she’s 24?? Mind. Blown. I will definitely be checking out this film. I watched Medicine for Melancholy based on your recommendation and I really liked it. You’re now officially on my list of good movie recommenders 🙂

    04 – No. Don’t tempt me. I’m trying to cut back on carbs.

    02 – Not since I was a kid, sounds like fun though.

    • I agree to a certain extent about Danica. But, it seems to me that giving so much attention to someone who isn’t very good simply because she’s a woman and attractive would be counterproductive as far as inspiring girls. It’s like the media is saying we don’t expect you to win and we are really just covering you as a novelty.

      Lol. She is a pain! But, I have known her since 5th grade so I try to keep that in mind.

      Yep, that’s corporate media for you. Showing their true colors.

      She’s really good in the film. Better than I thought she’d be actually. And overall the film is really interesting. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed Medicine for Melancholy. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      Lol. It’s really good!

  4. This is crazy but I agree with everything you said! Everything, everything, everything!:)

    Robin looks beautiful, hate to have my FB page cluttered and put them on hide also;) somewhat leary of crowds, love Tamar Braxtons voice! Haven’t biked too far away but I’ve surfed too far away, scaaaary!

    And yeah you should have lied. I find that people that post all those thingys are, kinda manipulative, just my experience:)

    • Lol. Yeah, I should have lied. But, I’ve known her for a long time so I thought I could just be honest. I learned my lesson.

      I really hate all that nonsense in my feed. I feel like I have to scroll forever to gt past it.

      Robin does look beautiful, doesn’t she.

      Wow, I bet it would be scary to go out to far in the ocean. Yikes!

  5. I had to laugh at that facebook comment. I don’t do facebook. But that person sending you all that warm and fuzzy business needs to understand everyone is not into kittens and babies and all that other stuff that is just obnoxious to me as well. And she got upset because you didn’t respond to her rose colored world. I think you should be honest and tell her that stuff is annoying. But that’s just me. You are right Dana Patrick is overrated. White people think she’s so hot. There are black Nascar drivers. They never acknowledge them. But I shouldn’t be surprised it’s Nascar and Nascar is mostly redneck backwoods white people. I was on the fence about Yelling To The Sky. Zoe Kravitz is a decent young actress, Ive seen her in several movies she was more than just a pretty face, she actually was decent in her roles. I saw the trailer for Yelling To The Sky on another black film blog. It was right after seeing Precious, I saw Gaboure Siddebe and I guess I judged it unfairly. Don’t get me wrong I think Gaboure is a talented actress. But Precious just depressed the hell out of me. I will probably give it a try.

    • Well. over the last week she has backed off a bit with the kittens and babies. Lol. So I guess my honesty got a good result.

      Yeah, it would be different if she had at least one win but she doesn’t. There is a Black woman racing now. She hasn’t made the big time races yet but she should soon. Her name is Tia Norfleet.


      I know what you mean about that film, Precious”. I’m not a fan of that film at all. “Yelling To The Sky” isn’t that bad.

  6. Alicia Keys is coming here to Dallas next month. I like her ok but I know you are a die hard fan. You will have give us an update when you see the show. I like Miguel. I’m glade things are looking up for him.

  7. One more thing. I saw something funny on post bourgie. Brokey McPoverty had a picture of little Quevenzhane’ Wallis. Underneath the caption it read “Lawd please keep Tyler Perry from this baby.” I howled like a wolf.

  8. I like to hear what you’re thinking about, simply because I don’t care to follow the news enough. I’ve been meaning to ask you, why don’t you dislike my posts?
    🙂 I like hearing your anecdotes but… I will say I’m surprised to not hear about AK’s performance on the All Star Game. I read a lot of backlash about it.
    I hope you do get to go see her (AK) in concert, esp. for Miguel. She may have secret guests, who knows? I am going to a concert in April, although its a small venue so I don’t know if it can be considered a concert per se. I’m going to see Lianne La Havas, she’s coming all the way from Europe.
    I don’t like any of the other Braxtons, but I’ve never really given their music a chance. They all just look very surgically altered.
    I will def add Yelling to the Sky on the list, but I will watch it mostly because I love all those actresses and want to see more of them. Hopefully Epps didn’t get a tough-girl role like she always does.
    Hope you’re well!

    • “I’ve been meaning to ask you, why don’t you dislike my posts?”

      I don’t understand what you mean. Please explain.

      I didn’t write about AK’s All-Star performance because I didn’t see it. That game was on cable, which I don’t have. And, somethings wrong with my Flash so I can’t even view youtube at the moment.

      I saw Lianne perform on Letterman, she was really good.

      Yep, she plays a tough girl. I think she’s been typecast at this point.

  9. I haven’t had the chance to research Pistorious story, but I’ve heard a few people mention something about it.

    I saw Robin Roberts on the Oscars last night and you expressed my sentiment, perfectly, where you spoke of her still standing. Just seeing the woman smile is inspirational.

    Alicia Keys isn’t going to take your Tamar Braxton crush, too well. You do know that, right? OK, I’m just checking. Lol.

  10. Val, I am going to let you have Tamar. Did i mention Robin looks so beautiful. If she’s rocking a little fuzz from her chemo she is still pretty. Toni was one of my favorite divas when she was relevant. I still love her music. Tamar well she just sounds like a scalded cat to me. But that’s just me. But each to their own.

    • I actually like Robin with close cropped hair. It brings out her features.

      Lol@Tamar sounding like a scalded cat. Well, I’m not really into her music, I just think there is something cute about her. Did you hear that supposedly Toni has retired from singing?

  11. And thisQuevenzhane’ Wallis issue with these beast from the onion. If they come for the President and Mrs. Obama and their girls, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised about them coming for this baby. Everytime our young black queens get some shine some turd always wants to ruin it for them. But little Miss Q. is rising and going higher. She is a star. Haters are going to hate.

    • Oh they have already attacked the Obama girls. They haven’t been as vile as this Onion thing though. A whole lot of people seem to be attacking Quvenzhané. I swear, the attacks on Black women and girls just never stop. They’re trying to keep us in ‘our place’.

  12. Val, what do youthink about Janet marrying her billionaire beau? I am so happy for her. I hope it works out for her. Man, Miss Janet needs to work for the CIA she really know how to keep a secret. She’s been married to the guy since last year. Anyway Congrats to Miss Janet.

    • Yep, I hope it works out too. But, I don’t generally put too much stock in celeb marriages. They marry and divorce a lot. Janet has been married 3 or 4 times now.

      But, who knows, this could be the one to last.

      Lol. Janet always has secret marriages. I think it was her second and third marriages both that were secret.

  13. Val, I blocked my husband’s news feed for the exact reason! LOL
    As soon as I finish commenting here, I’m going over there and blocking some more! I have one friend whose posts are ultra-ghettolicious! I can’t take it anymore.
    AK is coming to New Orleans. I haven’t heard anyone talk about going though.
    Robin Roberts rocks! I think she may have returned to work too soon as well.
    Tamara hit that song out of the ballpark!

    • That’s so funny that you hide your hubby’s posts! Lol

      Yeah, I have a few more friends that I need to hide. One thinks he’s the wise man and is constantly giving unsolicited advice. Lol.

      AK is getting in full tour mode! I hope to see her.

      I hope Robin gets her rest.

      Her song was number 1 on itunes.

  14. 10) You mean the NASCAR version of Anna Kornikova.
    9) Tall, lean and sexy – still.
    8) I’m facebooked-out
    7) Yep. Nikki Manaj DOES look like He-Man
    6) Keep us occupied with fluff while we ignore important facts.
    5) I’ll look for it.
    4) Not yet.
    3) I still prefer Toni.
    2) Good for ones butt.
    1) Just get good seats and the crowd is behind you the whole night.

    • 10. Exactly!
      09. Yep.
      08. Me too. I think about deleting my page at least once a week.
      07. Lol. Nice.
      06. Yep, that’s what corporate media does best.
      05. It’s good.
      04. Try it!
      03. Toni retired.
      02. Makes sense.
      01. Good idea.


  15. VERY Interesting Post… The Danica JAB had me LOLing (YUPPP…)

    Yeah Oscar THE GIMP is getting the ROYAL TREATMENT and HIS Popularity-n-Fame seems to be working in HIS FAVOR ALSO… He was allowed to POST BAIL/BOND Right?!!? SMDH

    I Never EVER did or considered FB aka FARCE-BOOK Though #LMAOOO And reading this kind of comments further Strengthens MY STANCE IN THAT REGARD Though O_o

    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Interests me about Tamar Braxton but NOTHING INTERESTS ME regarding Reality TV Though (Ohhh Well…)

    Yeah I FEEL YA on the Big Crowds (Never BEEN A FAN Of Them…)

  16. I’ve hidden a lot of friends’ feeds on Facebook and I have no shame in doing such and admitting it. (I’m sure people have done the same with me.) I hate it when my feed gets clogged up with posts on people’s (usually women’s) babies and kids. Enough about your kids…tell me about you!

    I am very interested in seeing “Yelling To The Sky.” It looked like Amazon has it available to rent/download temporarily.

    • It’s always nice to know that you aren’t the only one doing something. Lol. Oh my, it just gets to be way too much with the kittens, babies and other cutsie pics.

      When you see it please let me know what you thought of it.

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