10 Things about the Grammys

10.  First, I live on the West Coast where the Grammys are broadcast from and yet I have to see them on tape-delay. Makes no sense.

09. Second, Jennifer Lopez has turned into Cher. Like Cher she has taken to dating men who aren’t in her league, so to speak. And, also like Cher, she now makes over the top dance songs with no substance. Yep, Jenny from the block has definitely turned into Cher.

08. AK played the drums! And as ever, she looked marvelous!

07. Mumford and Sons annoy me.

06. Drake looked constipated.

05. Rihanna has a really interesting stage presence. I really enjoyed her performances, especialy the Bob Marley tribute with Sting, Bruno Mars and Ziggy and Damien Marley. This was the best performance of the night.

04. Rap verses can really ruin a good R&B song. Wiz Khalifa  ruined Adorn by Miguel and Jay Z ruined Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake.

04. I can’t believe Fun beat The Alabama Shakes and Frank Ocean for Best New Artist. But, Brittany Howard of The Alabama Shakes can sing! She was great in that tribute along with Mavis Staples and Elton John.

03. It was nice seeing His Purpleness.

02. I could smell John Mayer through the TV screen. 😦

01. Chuck D!

What did you think of the 2013 Grammys?
Did you even watch the Grammys?


24 thoughts on “10 Things about the Grammys

  1. I didn’t watch the Grammys. Hopefully you really enjoyed the show Val.

    The passage of time changes a lot of things so I’m not surprised that JLo has turned into Cher. After all, Eddie Murphy turned into Bill Cosby…..right?!?

    Tell me what you think about Rihanna and Chris Brown being together again.

    • I think she’s just trying to say that she’s a grown woman by going against what most people are advising her to do. I hope she’ll wake up one morning and kick him out of her life for good and mean it.

      • I just hope that she doesn’t end up battered and bruised again. Dude seems like a bit of an asshole. If she were my daughter………….I’d be sure and bury him deep so no one found his body.

  2. 8. Alicia Keys can definitely sing. I’m just not really a fan of that “Girl on Fire” song.

    7. I love Mumford and Sons. Well, I love their first album. Haven’t heard their second one; the one that won last night. However I’ll admit they weren’t that great of a performance at the Grammys.

    6. I hate Drake.

    5. I actually preferred the slow song Rihanna sang first. The Bob Marley tribute was insufficient in my opinion. When it was over, I was like, “That’s it?” Sting sounded surprisingly good. I was most impressed by him during the tribute.

    4. Yes! Why do R&B songs always feel like they need to throw some rap in there. Most times, it ruins in the song. As was the case with Jay-Z and Timberlake and Wiz with Miguel.

    4. First, I love that you’ve brought back the jacked-up numbers.

    I knew there was no way Alabama Shakes would win anything against the bands they were in categories with. But it sure was nice to see them included. And Brittany was awesome with Mavis Staples. I love Brittany’s voice.

    3. Prince has transcended Earth and is some sort of higher being at this point. LOL

    2. John Mayer? What about Johnny Depp? That dude isn’t even a regular human being at this point. Like, what’s his deal? Why does he look like that? And why does he sound like that? What kind of accent is that?

    • I’ll admit that Girl on Fire is not my favorite song by her but, it is growing on me.

      Yep, I hate Drake too.

      I thought they’d do more than one of Bob Marley’s songs. I was kind of surprised when they only did one.

      Lol@jacked-up numbers

      Oh my, I forgot that Johnny Depp was there. Lol. Maybe because I don’t get why he was there at all, he’s an actor. That accent is crazy. Especially since he’s from Kentucky or some place like that. Reminds me of Madonna’s crazy Brit accent a few years ago.

  3. Yes, Keys was beautiful and appreciated.

    I’ve never viewed J-Lo in that particular light, but now that I think about it, you definitely have a point. Like yourself, I’m here for Jenny On The Block version of J-Lo.

    Prince will forever be The Man. Royalty, as far as the music industry is concerned. I was happy to see the group that won the award speak so highly of him. It shows that all isn’t lost in the music industry, I guess.

    First time hearing the song Suit & Tie, I liked it, I liked Jay’s verse. We agree upon Wiz’s rap verse needing to be remove from Miguel’s song. Lol.

    I actually paused after I saw Rihanna, she looked gorgeous and I too loved her performance. I get the feeling that we haven’t witnessed the best from Rihanna.

  4. I didn’t watch but i saw photos of the red carpet.
    Yup, JLo’s just churning out mindless song after mindless song. She really should give it a rest.

    I thought Rihanna looked absolutely stunning in that red dress!

    I think It’s fizzing out between her and him. It’s in the last stages, but its always hard to break up completely and finally, you know how that goes. Maybe now she can finally move forward, hope so.

    And I know I can say this, I love Alicia, but, she could have picked a prettier dress. It did not do her justice.
    I can say this to you because you are an admirer and not a stan! I defy anybody to call you a stan! I mean really now! 😉

    • Lol. Nope, I’m not a stan. Alicia certainly has worn dresses that looked better on her. And she was coming out of that one.

      Yep, Rihanna looked really pretty last night.

      I wish the old JLo would come back.

  5. I did not watch, so I need people like you to give me small talk points. 🙂
    Damn J. Lo looks great. Love those shoes! I want her body at that age, or matter fact I’ll take it at my age. lol
    I’m surprised you didn’t say anything about Frank, I heard his performances are not newsworthy, so maybe that answers that question. 🙂 I’m sured Miguel rocked, next to him.
    I don’t like Rihanna with long hair, she looks fierce with short looks.

  6. I love that the Blac Keys won a grammy. I like their music. I like Bruno Mars. I’m just starting to like Kelly Clarkson she is a great singer. Kelly Rowland looked hot. That dress was hot. I love my girl Adele but it hurt me she was looking like Mrs. Doubtfire. That dress was all kinds of hideous. Taylor Swift is so obnoxious. I used like her but she is over exposed and she is coming off like a kook. But I like the Jack White song Love Interruption that is a great song. I thought the grammy’s were just ok.

    • Lol. Yeah, that dress Adele was wearing was really something. I wasn’t really into Bruno Mars but I was impressed by his performance. Yep, Taylor and Beyonce both need to give us a break. Jack White is always interesting. I liked his performance.

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