18 thoughts on “AK’s Perfect National Anthem!

  1. I am laughing at all the above coments from the other commenters. Weave whipping and booty shaking. LOL. That’s funny. But I guess that’s what a typical Beyonce performance is. Poor Michelle. people have be going in on poor Michelle hard. I read that she was suffering from depression. Maybe that is the reason for her gaunt looking appearance. It’s not a good look. But Michelle in my opinion was always the weak one in the trio. She always seemed to me like she couldn’t keep up with Beyonce and Kelly. It must be hard to be held up under so much scrutiny by the public. Alicia is wearing that red dress. I will give her credit for that. I wasn’t to crazy about her performance though. But you know it’s always about Miss Beyonce.

    • Yep, Bey did what Bey is known for. Lol. If you think about it she barely sang. She spent most of her time shaking her butt.

      You didn’t like AK’s performance? I thought she was really good. And not just because I’m already a fan.

  2. Oh my goodness Val forgive my typos. I meant to say in above comments that people have been going in hard on poor Michelle. I read some awful tweets from Keisha Cole. She said some nasty things about Michelle on Twitter. Well in my opinion I don’t think Keisha has room to talk. I like Alisha, I don’t think she would make tacky statements in public about another artist. Even if it was true. I don’t see her carrying herself like this.

    • Yep, Ms. Cole definitely doesn’t need to be throwing stones. you’re right, she’s not exactly the best singer out there. A lot of these celebs need twitter monitors. Lol

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