10 Things on my mind

10. Taylor Swift has awful posture.

09. The media is at it again trying to scare the heck out of us with the big bad mean flu. On TV they always start off with the flu map. Which makes it seem like almost everyone in the country has it. In actuality only a few people, relative to the population, have the flu or will get it. But, the mainstream media will never tell us that.

08. I tried to watch the Golden Globe Awards this past Sunday. But, since I haven’t seen most of the TV shows and films that they gave awards for the show was pretty boring to me. Except for Jodie Foster‘s speech. That was very interesting.

07. So many people seem to find Beyoncé very attractive. I don’t. Her personality or lack of personality is just such a turn-off to me that I can’t see the beauty.

06. Boeing has a new commercial jet. It’s called the Dreamliner. And apparently it’s a lemon.

05. Today is Aaliyah‘s birthday. She would have been 34 years old today.

04. I have a feeling that something is going to come along, very soon, that will take the place of Facebook the way Facebook to the place of MySpace. I think that would be a good thing. Facebook collects too much data. It is Big Brother.

03. Kiwi are a very tasty little fruit.

02. I’ve been sleeping really well lately. It’s been very cold here, so I’m wondering if that could be affecting my sleep in a positive way? And, I’ve been remembering my dreams a lot too. Some of them have been great! One actually involved Alicia Keys. 🙂

01. I think the Baltimore Ravens and the Atlanta Falcons will be in the Super Bowl. Who are your picks?

What’s on your mind?


28 thoughts on “10 Things on my mind

  1. Sometimes I forget just how tiny Aaliyah was. She was just my daughter’s age when she died too young.

    I’m hoping that Atlanta and Baltimore make it to the SuperBowl as well. The Steelers fan in me is disappointed over the season, but it would be nice to see the Falcons win a SuperBowl for the very first time.

    • Yep, Aaliyah was really small. I’m actually pulling for the Ravens. That would be a compelling win since Ray Lewis is retiring. Lol. Steelers did suck this year. I’d probably like them if they had a different quarterback.

  2. Yay. I love these lists.
    10. I think she tries to hunch over because she is very tall and a lot of people in Hollywood/music are short and she doesn’t want to dwarf them.
    9. I’ve gotten the flu shot for the past six years (it’s required by my job) and have yet to get the flu. I think the shot does work.
    8. I watched most of the Golden Globes but switched to watch Happy Endings at 10 o’clock which was apparently when Jodie Foster made her speech so I missed it live but have seen clips of it on the news. Interesting indeed.
    7. I don’t really have an opinion of Beyonce. However I am always entertained by her videos.
    4. I really hope something would replace Facebook so I could get off Facebook. I hate it so much.
    3. My dog’s name is Kiwi. She is not a tasty little fruit. 🙂
    1. I’m not that into football but I have to go with the Ravens since I live in Maryland and all.

    • You could be right about Taylor.

      I’ve never had a flu shot in my life. I can remember having the flu only twice. I think my germaphobia protects me.

      I feel the same exact way about facebook, Nicole!

      Lol@Kiwi. She’s so cute.

      Go Ravens! I’m pulling for them too.

  3. The entire city here is rooting for the 49ers this weekend…lol
    I’ve never gotten the flu shot and never will. I’m with you, it’s a scare tactic. I remember when it was only recommended for the very young and the elderly. If I get the flu, I’ll take a few days off and stay my butt in the bed.
    I love Kiwi.

      • Lol@Dirty Birds. I didn’t know about this. Interesting. I guess the next time I see the Saints and Falcons play I’ll pay more attention to the game.

      • The Falcons–Saints rivalry is a divisional rivalry in the NFC South of the National Football League. At 88 games played, the series is by far the oldest and most established rivalry in the division. Born one year apart, the Saints and Falcons were the first two NFL franchises in the Deep South. They have shared many of the same players, such as Morten Andersen (the leading scorer in both franchises’ histories), Bobby Hebert (who quarterbacked for both teams in the 1990s), and Joe Horn (the Pro Bowl Saints receiver who left for the Falcons in 2007). They have also drawn coaches from the same families, and even shared a head coach: recent Falcons coach Jim L. Mora is the son of longtime Saints coach Jim E. Mora, and former Falcons and Saints coach Wade Phillips is the son of former Saints coach Bum Phillips. Games between the Falcons and Saints have riveted their respective regions for more than 40 years. Fans of both teams consider the other their most important and hated opponent.

        ESPN.com writer Len Pasquarelli has cited the rivalry as one of the best in sports: “Every year, bus caravans loaded with rowdy (and usually very inebriated) fans make the seven-hour trip between the two cities. Unless you’ve attended a Falcons-Saints debauchery-filled afternoon, you’ll just have to take my word for how much fun it really can be.”

        source wikipedia but all true facts just said better than i can say it which would be fck those dirty azz birds

  4. -taylor may have sclerosis
    -i was forced to take the flu shot while in nursing school… never again.. it took me out… BIG GIRL DOWN.. i had headache, couldn’t move my arm and experienced a migraine for the first and only time in my life… i do work in a hospital in qns and will say that we are OVERFLOWED with people and the flu so there is that… PS i have never gotten to flu and (naming it and claiming it) never will
    – hate award shows…
    -beyonce is physically attractive, i do not find her sexually alluring myself.. she seems to plastic not to say that i would kick her out of bed for eating crackers though.. maybe i am channeling my inner no good dude when i say i’d do it just to say i did *yolie shrug*
    -these companies need to stop cutting corners… fin
    – RIP baby girl
    – i am sure the next big thing will be coming… the world keeps spinning
    – i have not been sleeping well at all… but on your end studies do show that human sleep better in lower tempatures
    – im a saints fan so you KNOW im routing for anybody… me you, your mama and your cousin too… to win.. f those dirty azz pigeons. RAVENS

    • I had not even considered that regarding Taylor. I hope she doesn’t.

      I’ve never had a flu shot. I just wash my hands constantly. Seems to work.

      Lol.@you not kicking her out of bed for eating crackers. She just seems so empty. I have never heard her say anything interesting.

      I know, right. Especially on airplanes.

      That’s interesting. The colder weather sucks during the day but I don’t seem to mind it so much at bedtime.


  5. 10) I think that Taylor Swift feels awkward that she is so much taller than everyone else. She needs to stop hunching and work it!
    9) Luckily I managed to dodge the flu this year 🙂
    8) I watched Jodie Foster’s speech online. She looks good for 50!
    7) I think Beyonce is a beautiful woman but I think she’s dull, has nothing much to say for herself.
    6) They found horsemeat in a leading supermarket chain’s beef meet products. Ugh
    5) I love Aaliyah. There was something special but approachable about her.
    4) I hate Facebook. I hardly go on it.
    3) I love Kiwis – I might have one after I have written this.
    2) I sleep well all year round. I could do all year hibernation.
    1) I know nothing about American Football. Quick question why do you call it football when players can pick up and run with the ball?

    • You are the second person to say that abopt Taylor. Maybe.

      Are flu season is just starting. The media is going overboard covering it here.

      She looks great for 50.

      Horse meat!? Yikes.

      Me too. I miss her talent.

      I hate facebook too. But, I usually go on once a day.


      I have no idea. Interesting question though.

  6. Aaliyah would’ve BEEN a Waayyyyy BIGGER-n-Better STAR Than Beyounce if She was STILL LIVING Though (NO DOUBT…) UNLIKE Beyounce, Aaliyah was the PERFECT SIZE NATURALLY for the Hollyweird Camera and Her STAR was on the RISE (In That Regard…) plus Her Musical taste was FAR BROADER than Beyounce and She was on the VERGE of working with Other Artists that would’ve put her ON ANOTHER LEVEL industry-Wise as well as made it Quite difficult for THESE Cookie-Cutter manufactured artists to COMPETE aka HARD AS FUCK FOR THE INDUSTRY TO MAKE 444 FORCING THEM DOWN YOUR THROATS!!!!!

    And this is the REAL REASON She had to be ELIMINATED becuz The industry was going to LOSE TREMENDOUS $$$ becuz of THAT (MmmmHmmm…)

    Imma Patriots Fan and The Falcons are Grossly OVERRATED But for whatever reason THEY want Matt Ryan to GREAT… You saw how Pete “I WAS PAID to Throw THIS GAME” Carroll coached during that LOSS (Didn’t Yous…) O_o

    And THAT Boeing “We didn’t spend THOSE BILLIONS On Building That Commercial Aircraft” 787 was AN EPIC SHAM and MONEY-GRAB Though… Betcha they POCKETED WELL OVER HALF Those $$$ (Yes I DO…) SMDH

    Ohh And Thinly-SLICED Kiwi and Strawberries are Just PERFECT With… NVM ;-D

    • I agree about Aaliyah. Between her music and her acting she would have been a huge star by now. What an incredible loss.

      Patriots fan? Are you from Boston? I don’t know much about the Atlanta quarterback but they have good receivers and running backs.

      Yep, Boeing really screwed up this time. They were in such a hurry to get to market that they made a lemon. I wouldn’t fly on that thing.

  7. Yes. Yesterday I placed bets with Ravens and Falcons. Initially, I figured there’d be an All-Harbaugh Super Bowl. But after conveying the teams and strengths and weaknesses I settled upon Baltimore and Atlanta. I honestly believe Falcons are gonna blow 49ers out of the Georgia Dome.

    Can you imagine a Roc Nation lineup of Aaliyah, Beyonce, Kanye, Jay Z, Rihanna?

    I love Kiwi as well. So good. We even put them in Salads, along with strawberries.

    • Yep, and I think that match-up is going to be a good one. And not just because I hate the 49er’s.

      You think Aaliyah would still be with them? I think she would have left by now.

      • I think there’s a difference between entertainer and music that speaks to your soul.
        Jill Scott speaks to my soul. Beyonce is an entertainer. Jay Z has also become very commercialized. Nas is a teacher. Sure, he’s not as famous as Jay Z but his product has substance. Rihanna- she’s sold her image for the “rebel” woman everyone loves to hate. I still respect everyone’s hustle. I just feel like things would have been different for Beyonce had Aaliyah still been on the scene,

      • I really need to start listening to Jill Scott.

        I agree about things being different if Aaliyah was still around. Especially considering she was branching out into acting. There’s no telling where that would have led her.

  8. I don’t care much for Taylor, but Beyonce is very interesting to me. I think she is beautiful (maybe not the most desired woman in the world) but her name is one that is known world-wide and you can’t say that about too many r&b women artists. She’s come a long way and I admire her hard work and dedication. Also, I like to pretend like I can move like her when no one is watching. (we can all dream, right?)
    It really irks me when when the media wishes people a happy birthday when they are no longer here. I idolized this woman, Aaliyah. She was the epitome of fly. She was secretive, low-key, feminine, talented and truly someone whose career was only in its infancy. She was taken way too soon. I was just watching an Arsenio Hall interview with Tupac. He is also someone I think was way ahead of his time…but we’ll always have their essence in their music.

    • “It really irks me when when the media wishes people a happy birthday when they are no longer here.”


      “She was the epitome of fly. She was secretive, low-key, feminine, talented and truly someone whose career was only in its infancy.”

      Perfect description of her!

      • I saw some tweets like “Happy 34th birthday Aaliyah!” I just think that is insensitive and wrong. It may be lighthearted and all that…but it doesn’t sit well with me. There’s nothing wrong with commemorating her life on her birthday though. May be better than commemorating people on the day they died. I don’t know..
        YES! Jill Scott has a way into looking at all our subconscious and exposing our thoughts.

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