It must suck to be Spike Lee

Spike Lee released a film in 2012 called Red Hook Summer. I heard crickets in the Black blogisphere about it. Quentin Tarantino released a film in 2012 called Django Unchained. The Black blogisphere can’t seem to shut up about that film. Yep, it must suck to be Spike Lee.


16 thoughts on “It must suck to be Spike Lee

  1. Well…..I for one, didn’t know that he released a film last year. I’ll have to look for it. Django Unchained was an excellent film. I absolutely love movies, especially movies with interesting plot twists and dialogue. Like always, occasionally I’ll see something that takes me by surprise. Something that I’ll find to be really good. Like that film Pariah you clued me to last year, that was rather good. Yesterday I went to see The Hobbit and I was somewhat “underwhelmed” by it.

    If his film sucked and you saw it, would you admit it?

  2. Spike Lee was/is a trail blazer in many ways, and some of his films are very good, but not all. He has his own style, which is great, but It doesn’t always grab me.
    I have heard very little about him lately though, needs to up his profile again perhaps, put the PR team to work.

  3. Not sure if Spike Lee will ever produce another one of those films that made him Spike Lee. I know of no one who gets excited for Spike’s films anymore. But if he released something that peaked my interest, I’d still support him. Of course Quentin Tarantino is Quentin Tarantino.

    • The thing that holds Spike back is that often he has trouble getting financing for his films. Which means sometimes he doesn’t have the money he really needs to make a particular film or that he has to make films that he really doesn’t want to make just to make money to make the films he wants to make.

  4. I happened to watch Red Hook about 3 weeks ago, just because I was home and didn’t realize they had it on Netflix (in other words, I didn’t go looking for the film). I found the photography and the Brooklyn shots to be very Spike Lee- they made me appreciate a part of Brooklyn I’ve never personally spent much time in. In terms of the plot, eh, I found it to be quite predictable. I was not necessarily tied or invested in any of the characters (and found some to be overly stereotypical of “brooklyn”) and although I found themes of religiousness, young/old generations, hypocrisy and redemption I was not necessarily moved by any of it. Two tweets I wrote during the movie:

    (On Dec. 25th)
    This movie is so depressing. #RedHookSummer
    This man loves his New York. #SpikeLee

    Overall, I finished the film- it wasn’t that bad. But it wasn’t worth writing home about either. I must say Miracle at St Anna and most of his earlier films (although I was forbidden to watch them when I was younger) are still my faves.

    I have not seen Django but I recently watched Beasts of the Southern Wild and found the storytelling/characters and plot pretty authentic. The actors didn’t even seem like they were acting.

    • I agree about Red Hook. I think Spike was making too many different points with that film. And the acting was not good. Yep, Spike definitely loves New York. I think sometimes that love gives him tunnel vision.

      I go back and forth about Beasts. The abuse of “Hushpuppy” was problematic for me. But, the cinematography was amazing.

  5. Val, I’ve never heard of the movie. I guess I’ll check it out this week. I did see Lincoln or rather Lincoln saw me. I hope I wasn’t snoring too loud in the theater. If I check out Red Hook this week, I’ll come back and let you know what I thought about it.

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