13 for ’13

I think New Year’s resolutions have become somewhat outdated. Not because they aren’t a good thing but moreso because almost no one actually follows through on them.

So, rather than make any New Year’s resolutions per se I thought I would just list thirteen things that I would be interested in doing this year. I know, I know. Kind of the same thing, right?

13. Take flying lessons again – I’ve been taking flying lessons since forever. My problem has been that I have moved a lot in the past. And once I moved I would sort of forget about flying lessons. Then I’d remember but soon after I’d move again. And so on. So since I’ve been here for a while I think I’d like to get back to it. I hope this isn’t a sign that I’m going to be moving soon. 🙂

12. Find a new job – Due to budgetary cutbacks most of the people at my job work from home, including me. At first I was really excited about working from home. There are a lot of benefits to it for sure. I can work in the middle of the night, for instance. I can multitask and cook while I work. And there are many other things that make working from home a nice thing. But, there are drawbacks as well. The main one being working alone. I miss the office environment. I miss the social aspect of working. So I’ve been thinking about switching careers. I’m not sure what I’d want to do. I don’t think I would want to work in the same field. Maybe I’ll get back into media. I worked as a radio announcer for a while and I really liked it. Maybe I’ll try that?

11. Rail trip – Most of you know I love travelling by rail. There is just no better way to travel. I’ve already travelled by rail across this country so I’d like to plan a trip in another country. Probably Canada. They have a great rail system there called Via. Just thinking about it is relaxing me.

10. Garden – I have been wanting to plant a garden for a while now. I have a yard now so I don’t have any excuses not to. I’m not sure what I’d want to grow. Most likely a few basics like cauliflower, lettuce, heirloom tomatoes and broccoli. If I start planning now I’ll be ready for spring!

09. Photography – I’ve always been interested in photography. I’ve just never taken the time to learn the basics. I’d really like to take a very basic course.

07. Concerts – I have been really wanting to see concerts of late. There have been some really great artists in concert in my area recently and I have always found excuses not to go. I’m going to stop making excuses and start going! AK concert here I come!

06. Walk – I love to walk. But, the area that I live in is not very visually appealing to me. It’s a nice area but I live in a sleepy little town that pretends that it isn’t. The architecture is very uninspiring, there are way to many hills, there aren’t any real parks and there’s no place to walk and window shop. There is a neighboring city that is one of the best cities for walking in the world. And I need to make the effort to go there and take long walks.

05. Write – I’d love to write a book of very, very short stories. Mysteries possibly. Or maybe love stories. I need to dedicate time and get to work!

03. Sightseeing – I live near a world class city with world class sights to see and I’ve seen almost none of the sights. That is a shame and it needs to change.

02. Reading – Last year I read less than I have in years. I’m not sure why. Maybe I was a bit burned out? Anyway, I have a few stacks of books to read and another stack on my Amazon wishlist. So I need to start reading again!

01. Have lot’s more fun!


What things would you like to do in 2013?


23 thoughts on “13 for ’13

  1. Let me know when you write that book Val, I certainly want a copy of it. I want to have more fun in 2013, I didn’t have anywhere near as much as I would have liked in 2012. I’m so glad that 2012 is over and I can start 2013 fresh.

    I certainly hope you have a wonderful, productive 2013 Val.

    • Yeah, last year wasn’t very fun for me either, Reggie. What’s up with that? Lol And if I write it, and it gets published somehow, you will get a free copy! All of my blogging family will! 🙂

  2. I want to read more. I love reading. I need to make room in my life for it.
    Also, I think I’ll travel more this year…at least, I’m gonna try to. I’ve never been on a train before. My husband loves it so, maybe we’ll travel by rail for one of them.

    • You are going to love travelling by train, BC. it is amazing. Especially if you get a sleeper car. You and your hubby would have so much fun!

    • Flying is challenging and a lot of fun. Working in radio is fun too, if you can find the right station. I wouldn’t want to work for a corporate owned one.

  3. Mines are very similar to yours:
    1. write and keep a goal once a month to measure progress
    2. read more!!! (2012 was a hard year for books for some reason although desire is all there to read for 2013 but since I’m in my MEAT year, I don’t know how realistic this will be)
    3. cut down on alcohol spending (at least on how much I go out and spend on alcohol- I need to practice the art of pre-gaming more)
    4. find a church home
    5. cook more! including trying more new recipes
    6. be more financially responsible
    7. practice more random acts of kindness
    8. live a more organized life. (this field is crazy for paperwork, it drives me crazy because I’m already a paper hoard)
    9. BE MORE ACTIVE (read do more than walking)
    10. call my mother and let her in more often.

    As far as flying lessons go, GO FOR IT! (or GO BACK for it.)

    • Lol. Be careful with the ‘pre-gaming’.

      Yeah, it’s hard to find a church. I finally found one that I think I might like but, it’s in Chicago. Lol The pastor of the church is a guy named Carlton Pearson. I really like his message.

      More than walking? Like what?

      Yep, call your mom!


      • Wow. How did you come across his church? Can you watch online? I tried to stream church, but it really doesn’t compare to actually being there!
        More than walking like biking or even going to the gym every once in a while.

      • I saw a story about him on 60 Minutes. He used to be a big shot preacher, had a mega-church, prayed with Presidents, the whole bit. Then he had a revelation. Which was that there is no hell, only heaven. That a God who is about love wouldn’t subject his children to hell. That all humans, no matter their religion go to heaven.

        And for that he lost his church and was branded a heretic by some. But what he says makes sense to me. So I found his website and yes, you can watch online. The live stream is Thursday evenings. Here’s the link; http://www.bishoppearson.com/

        Here is his wikipedia page; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlton_Pearson

        If you check his service out let me know what you think.

  4. Flying sounds super cool! But you made me tired just reading that long list of things lol!
    You know what I think? I just want to be happy! And do shatever it takes to make that happen! 🙂

    When I was growing up there was no such thing as ‘working from home’ unless you had your own business. That’s a cool new fangled concept but I can see how you would get lonely :)))

    • Happiness is the best goal of all. I think when it boils down to it, that’s what New Year’s resolutions are really all about, finding things to make us happy.

  5. I quit doing yearly goal lists like these on my blog but I sure do love reading other people’s. They always make me happy. Your list is awesome. I fully support everything on your list. Yes to everything!

  6. Currently working on a romance novel that I’m sworn to finish by the summer. Hopefully, with the help of a woman who really really believes in me, the book will be well-received.

    This is probably the biggest goal that I’ve set for myself thus far in the New Year.

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