My simple solution for controlling guns in America

There is a big debate about gun control after the shooting in Connecticut last week. All sorts of people are chiming in with ideas about what gun control should be in America. So, since everyone else is chiming in I thought I would as well.

Here is my very simple solution for controlling guns and mass shootings in the U.S..

01. No guns that fire more than 6 rounds may be sold. If guns are supposed to be for either self-defense or hunting then why would anyone need a gun that fires more than 6 shots before needing to reload, right?

02. No guns or rifles that can be loaded with magazines or clips can be sold. If someone needs to stop and reload after 6 shots then it would be almost impossible to pull off a mass shooting.

03. The sale of bullets should be regulated and the number of rounds any person can buy should be limited. If one only has access to a very limited amount of ammunition then that would also make it almost impossible to pull off a mass shooting.

There you go, very simple, right? People who want guns for protection or sport can still have them. But, those who would use guns to do harm would be very limited in how much damage they could do.

Hopefully the Federal government along with State governments around the country will act and pass reasonable and effective legislation to halt the proliferation of these weapons of mass destruction.


What do you think of my plan?
What are your thoughts about gun control?

19 thoughts on “My simple solution for controlling guns in America

  1. makes sense to me Val… i also spent days, weeks even months wondering about this whole semi automatic thing… why have it at all… just military automatic and then load and shoot and reload kind…

  2. So long as there’s a formal process for exceptions for rounds of bullets (e.g. a reasonable number per hunting license, sport target shooters and people who can prove exceptional self-defense needs), I’d be OK with it.

  3. While this makes sense to you and I Val, I have a feeling that some of our tooth challenged fellow Americans just won’t agree. I don’t have a fundamental problem with any American owning a rifle or shotgun. Those guns are for hunting four legged prey. In my mind, automatic weapons and handguns are primarily used to hunting two legged prey.

    I am from the south and I was taught to hunt as a child by my father, uncle and grandfather. I have a healthy respect for weapons. My grandfather and his forefathers fed themselves that way.

    However I see no reason why any American other than our military or police/security people should be authorized to carry automatic weapons and handguns…..they’re not necessary to hunt Bambi or Thumper. Those weapons are used to hunt people. We can protect our homes with rifles and shotguns. I just don’t see the big deal.

    • I don’t get it either, Reggie. Sometimes I think we are just a nation where the majority of people are idiots. What other explanation could there be?

      • There’s something else about this that bothers me Val. Maybe it really shouldn’t bother me, but it does..

        I’m glad to see that the entire nation has been moved by the tragedy that occured in Newtown, Conn. But I wonder, if the response would be the same if this massacre happened in the inner city. I just wonder.

        I care about all my fellow Americans, but everyone isn’t me.

      • It’s true, Reggie. American (including the President) doesn’t morn for little Black kids on the South Side of Chicago who are gunned down but, the country comes to a halt when White kids are killed.

        That’s just America. We have to make sure we morn for our own children.

  4. I agree with everything being said here. and Val your thoughts are the most logical and reasonable I’ve heard so far. Here on the island in order to own a gun legally one has to pass a background check and have a squeaky clean record. Although, of course those things can be fudged a little and even overlooked if one has the right influences $ and friends in high places. Gun ownership is too easy in the states.

    • Yeah, there are ways around background checks here too. If you buy at a gun show you can buy on the spot and buy more than one gun. There are definitely holes in the system.

  5. The murders of those innocent little kids were seriously tragic. There are others who lost their lives in the midst of the same evilness that shook Sandy Hook. I cannot really understand the gun control debate, at all.

    Of course America needs gun control. We’ve needed gun control for years and years and years.

    • The whole gun debate is really interesting actually. Believe it or not it was the Black Panthers back in the 70’s that set off the debate. They carried guns and the California State government tried to make laws to make carrying a gun illegal. When White people got wind of what the government was trying to do they fought those laws. That’s also when the NRA became the organization it is today. Before then it mostly promoted using guns for sport. Weird, huh.

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