Back & Forth

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I love music, new music, old music and in between. So I am featuring two songs today that I love. Let me know what you think of them!

Let’s go back (1990) with X – Clan and Funkin’ Lesson

Let’s go forth (2010) with Caro Emerald and Back it Up

4 thoughts on “Back & Forth

  1. Coincidentally, I just saw X-Clan perform last week. Funny that you posted one of their songs. I think sometimes you are in my brain. X-Clan was one of the bands at this “Hip Hop Gods Tour” I went to. I still have to write about it on my blog but X-Clan was kind of disappointing. Not that they were bad performance-wise but unfortunately X-Clan is down to two members and one of them was the DJ so I don’t even count him.

    • Lol. Yep, that’s happened a few times, me posting about something you were just talking or thinking about. Wow, just two members! That’s kind of sad. I remember one of them died last year I think. Those classic hip hop folk s are getting old I guess.

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