Absolute Perfection!

I admire people who are consistent and great at what they do. My blog sister “Desertflower” is the definition of consistent greatness. I have been admiring her cakes and other wonderful baked goods for some time now. And I just had to share the photo she took of her latest creation. It’s is perfection! The detail is just amazing. She mentioned that she put Kahlua in the cake. I love Kahlua, so I can imagine how wonderful this cake tastes! And just look at the lettering. She did that by hand!


What a great job. This cake should win a prize!


13 thoughts on “Absolute Perfection!

  1. Awww, thanks Val! You’re too kind and I so appreciate it. The young man was very pleased with it and also enjoyed the taste, so I’m happy 🙂

  2. Daaaaaaaaang. That is tight! Desertflower’s got crazy cake-making skillz. It’s almost too awesome to eat. Almost. Of course I WOULD totally eat it. I would destroy that cake!!! I love cake. Love love love it! Can you tell I love cake? LOL

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