Things that suck and things that do not suck

The world is full of things and people that seem to work hard at being lousy and despite that there are also people and things in the world who work very hard to be great. Today I will acknowledge both.

Things (and people) that suck

01. Tea Party Republicans

02. The media for attacking NFL player Adrian Peterson while he grieves the loss of a child

03. Wendy Williams

04. The NSA

05. USA Today charging $2.00

Things (and people) that do not suck

01. Lowenbrau

02. meatball sandwiches

03. city parks

04. Corey Booker

05.  AK

What things and people do you think suck and don’t suck this week?

Likes and Dislikes

Here are a few people and things I’m liking and disliking this week


- Classic deep old school NYC House Music like this

- Walking through overgrown foliage

- The New York Daily News

- Grilling on my tiny hibachi grill on a whim on a weeknight

- Track athlete Ivet Lalova


- Oprah Winfrey using an incident of racial discrimination as publicity for her new film.

- NFL linebacker(?) James Harrison formally of the Pittsburgh Steelers is now playing for the Cincinnati Bengals? WTF?

- Go0gle has now admitted that it reads all GMail emails.

- Running out of stuff I want to eat two days before I planned to go grocery shopping.

- CBS’ The Talk

What are you liking/ disliking this week?

10 Things that…


Here are ten things that made me happy this week!


10. Watching Netflix series Orange Is The New Black again.

09. Finding a roll of quarters in a backpack I haven’t carried in a long time

What? A whole roll of quarters? Serious?

08. We got a new privacy fence! (The old one wasn’t providing much privacy)

06. I took a Tai Chi class!

05. No Friday meeting at work today!

04. All cotton socks!

03. I found a webzine that I like!

02. Are you ready for some football! (NFL starts next week)

01. The girlfriend made me breakfast in bed!

What made you happy this week?
Have you seen Orange Is The New Black yet?

10 Questions…

AK with the President of the United States 

10. What took me so long to sign up for Netflix?

09. Will President Obama ever be President of Black America give a speech in front of a Black audience where he speaks as the President rather than the Daddy-in-Chief of Black America?

08. Did you know that premium canned tuna was so amazingly good?

Best song of the year and worst video of the year

07. Will I ever get tired of Robin Thicke’s song Blurred Lines?

05. Why do I miss the NFL so much?

04. What interesting place have you been to lately?

03. Which is worse; the threat of tornadoes or the threat of earthquakes?

02. Will Anthony sexting scandal Weiner be the next mayor of New York City? (I’d vote for his wife Huma, above)

01. Who is your celebrity crush at the moment?

I look forward to reading your comments! :-)